Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First Letter from the MTC

(You may need to have Google Translate handy to help you with this one.)

I love it here so much!!! We get to go out in the city all the time and the temple is right by the CCM!! Mi companera is Hna. Spencer! We are district 4 (the best!!) and Spanish is very hard. BUT el don de lenguas is very very real!! (Gift of Tongues)

I have to type super fast because we only have an hour for email. I haven´t read every email, pero muchas personas have emailed me!! Tell them I love them all and they are SO awesome!!! There´s like doce (12) emails and I can´t read them all. In fact the elderes that have been here a long time say to take pics of the emails and read them later, so that´s what I´m doing!

I did read about State though!! Oh man I screamed when I heard the boys took second!! Tell them all I love them so much!!

I LOVELVOEIVOEIHFOIJEFOJEOIIJDCOIUEHLOVE LOVE Chile!!! haha. The people are amazing and mi maestros son muy amable and awesome. Hno. Riutor is probably the most favorite porque he is very animado all the time!! Also, he looks like he could be russian and when he speaks ingles, he has kind of a Russian accent, pero, el vive en Chile todos his anos. Tambien, Hno. Antileo is great! Antes, we told him he looked like un mono, and he laughed super hard. El servir en Knoxville Tennesee por his mision, and speaks very good ingles. Hna. Cebollas es muy amable and nice. She has un feliz attitude! 

Mi companera y mi have made un meta (goal) to talk as much Espanol as we can! So you guys get Spanglish, lo siento ;) Esta muy dificil, pero yo get better every dia when I habla Spanglish!! I love the mission!

This life style is exactly what I´ve been looking for. Everyday we plan out every hour and study about el Evangelio y Español. (Found the ñ button!!) Tambien, I have been keeping mi meta por no como azucar!! LOVE IT!! Mi companera y mi come vegetables y frutas! I love the food! Mostly its some kind of meat and deliciosa arroz!! Tambien, Maestro Antileo told one of the elders he ate cow intestine, so the elder freaked out, pero, it was just sausage ;) Me gusta broccoli y the beets!! Tambien the pears are AMAZING here!! 

Nosotras el solo hermanas in nuestro distrito! So Los elderes son our big brothers that keep us safe from the questionable looking people. Its very good ,) Muy bien!!

Lo siento mama, mi fotos are in small number porque el presidente said we only take pics on Pday. Lo siento!! Pero, there are a lot of pics here! Anyway, i love la mision!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Anyway, I need you all to do something por mi, if that´s okay...
I´ll use complete English so you understand me.
The teachers here have told us if we really want to learn Spanish, we need to pray, fervently, for the gift of tongues. POR FAVOR, pray for me and Hermana Spencer to receive the gift of tongues!!! I need EVERYONE, DAY AND NIGHT to pray with all the faith they have that our investigators will be able to understand us enough to see Christ and accept his message. We are working so hard to remember the vocab, and do all we can, pero, I need the faith of my amazing family in Tooele and Stansbury, and everywhere. POR FAVOR, day and night, pray for us, and stay close to Jesucristo so he knows you´re serious!! There is no time right now to just fly by on useless prayers and empty promises. POR FAVOR, POR FAVOR, stay close to Padre Celesial (Heavenly Father) and pray for me and Hna. Spencer to receive el don de lenguas (the gift of tongues). You all are amazing!!

I want to tell you all that Sunday is the best day every. We work hard during the week from 7 in the morning, to 11 at night, and then get a spiritual party day on Domingo! I love it. So, this is another thing I need you to do. Work your hardest during the week!! Do everything you know you´re supposed to do. Reach out to that person who is having a hard time, talk to someone new for a change, pick up that piece of garbage so the janitors don´t have to, take cookies to someone, get out of yourself, forget yourself, and go to work!! YOU ALL ARE MISSIONARIES!! And Jesucristo needs you to do everything you can in the position he´s put you to share the light He know you have!! POR FAVOR!!! Share your light with everyone!! And especially notice the people who need you! That means, sometimes, getting out of your circle of friends and talking someone else who may not speak your language!! (We do that at meals all the time porque there are latinas here and hermanas that speak Portugese, so we practice our spanish on them!! It´s super fun.) Please do this.

Anyway, I thing about all of you, at night when my head starts leaking the Spanish I've learned that day! Mama, Papa, Derek, Scotty, Lindsey, Kate. I love you all so much and love squeezing my pillow at night with your picture on it!! Jenna, Emmi, Kaitlyn, and Brynn, you are the cutest girls in the world and BYU is lucky to have your happy smiling faces brighten its campus. All of my sweet XC runners, have fun just being able to run, porque I can only run about 15 minutes a day, pero, futbol is so much fun and very competitive, so its awesome!!! Coachie, Q, and Lundie, you have taught me so much about work, and being strong, and staying happy through the enduring to the end, I can´t thank you enough!!! 

Tanner, I love you!!! These people I see everyday without the gospel are so sad and downtrodden, and I´m so happy you came to know the truth, and I always brag about how I already have a baptism ;) You´ll love la mision!! Email me when you turrn in your paper next year!!

Anyway, I have so many people I love and hope all of you are sucking the marrow out of life!! Because this life is the hardest, but best thing EVER!! Always find the joy in the journey.  Anyway, I have to go in a bit. Keep in touch and keep sending me emails!!! I love it!!

Amo Mucho!!!

Hermana McCubbins!!!

P.S. Derek, Scotty, Lindsey, Kate: you are the best siblings a sister could ever have! Heavenly Father loves you, so pray to him every day and read His words EVERY DAY!! Also, write me your own emails so I know how your lives are going!! Love ya!!

PPS More pics to come!

Clouds from the plane on the way to Chile

An Elder she flew down with.

Scary Halloween gate she saw on her journeys through Santiago.

Hermana McCubbins and Hermana Spencer

The Elders in her district in the CCM

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