Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Second Week in the MTC

I love you guys!!

So this week has been the most amazing!! Today we met three people on the street as we wandered around the city! It was awesome! The first was a lady that said there were missionaries staying in her house and she kept saying they were muy lindo (cute) and always nice! We loved talking to her, but our Spanish SUCKS!! So we just listened for words we knew. She was the sweetest! Also we met a man who said he belonged to another church and asked us if we believe in God and Jesucristo. We said yes and he said we were going to heaven!! Haha, I loved it!! The last man was from the beach up north! He said: Me gusta la playa. And I knew what that meant!! It also helped that he knew a little English, so we could talk to him more.... ;) He said he was interested in learning about the church because he believed all religions could be true, which means I met another Agnostic person!!!! AWESOME!! He gave us his number, so he counts as my first contact!! :D :D He was super nice, but then he went to say good bye to us with a kiss, and we had to tell him no besos, no kisses. He was a little sad because he really liked us, but I think he was okay once we explained it was a rule for misioneros. He was such a nice man, I wish I could teach him, but we´ll probably have to give his number to some other missionaries and they´ll reap that harvest :( Its okay though, I can´t wait to see him in the Celestial Kingdom! So... today I also made a fool of myself. A couple walked past and said a snarky comment, and I just smiled and said Hola hola, like how all the Chileans do, and they totally busted up laughing!! So that was my humbling experience today..... Also, I got honked at twice, whistled at once, and one worker said: beautiful girl, like those were the only two English words he knew.... I am seriously thinking of making myself ugly so I don´t get into any trouble....

I noticed as we were walking around the city that there are two to three types of ways people react to us. Either they make eye contact with us and smile when we smile at them, or they avoid all eye contact andor look snarky at us. I like las personas that smile...

Also this week we got both of our investigators to keep commitments and once to set a baptism date!! It was awesome cuz Hna. Spencer loves singing too, so we sang for him Venid a Mi, and the Spirit was so strong, but then the leccion despues that one, he was wanting to start a family and his girlfriend didn´t, so we just listened to him and bore testimony that the spirit would help him know what to do. After we said that, he said he wanted to be baptized!! Then after, our teacher said we nailed that leccion!! I LOVE when that happens. We don´t even need to know spanish!!! We just work on our broken sentences and seek for the spirit, because the holy ghost can go beyond the language barriers!! Please please PLEASE just go share the gospel with everyone!! SO many people here have no idea how much this message can do for them. They go about with downcast faces and don´t look up to see God in their lives!! He loves everyone and I NEED you guys to be at home missionaries. We have this truth and its useless if we don´t share the gospel siempre!!!! Go out and make a contact ;) Because if I can do it with broken spanish and a big smile, you can do it with your awesome language skills of English and the spirit you have within you. I love you ALL SO much!!

Anyway, that was my week and I can´t wait to write you all next week again! Seek the Spiritl, work hard, play hard, pray hard, LOVE HARD!! ;)

Hermana McCubbins

Jessica's Companion, Hermana Spencer. Jessica is on the top bunk. Her pillowcase has a picture of our family on it.

Jessica and Hermana Spencer with two other Hermanas at the CCM

Jessica and Hermana Spencer with two Elders in their District.


A dog bit her shoe when she tried to kick it while running.

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