Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy!


Ive been thinking all about you this week because ive been forgetting english words and will soon be speaking fluently ;)
My companion is cute hermana Spencer from Washington D.C.! We get along super well and hug everytime we pray together as a companionship!
I wasnt able to read your letter!! Im working on it though. I learn more everyday and am starting to understand the scriptures. Commands are killing me right now, but im working and Hermano Antileo says i just need to talk to every chilean i see so i learn faster. He had to learn english cuz he went to Knoxville Tennesee on his mision. Its awesome cuz sometimes he will talk in a southern accent mixed with his espanol accent. 
I dont really need anything, but im regretting a little about not bringing Jesus the Christ and the other books that came with it. That would be the best Christmas present.... if you want to send those to me, itd be awesome. 

I love you tons too daddy! I squeeze your pillow every night and your guys faces get distorted which makes me laugh and cry sometimes haha. The CCM is very nice and so are all the maestros. I miss you guys, but know this is where im supposed to be. 

BTW Elder Nelson came to our mision and spoke to us!!! It was super crazy and awesome!! He shook ALL of the missionaries hands, and i never want to wash my right hand again! He seemed so frail and fragile, but the spirit was burning in his eyes and i loved hearing him speak about the gathering of Israel and how we as missionaries are helping that gathering. Ive been studying that and other awesome topics, and i am literally loving the time we get to spend in the scriptures all the time!! Our favorite time in our distrito is when we Leer el Libro de Mormon and just talk about it. We were in Enos the other day and talked about true prayer to Padre Celestial. I feel like He is my best friend and I love praying to Him siempre!

Anyway, I hope you have the best birthday ever! Te Amo! Nos vemos!!

Your baby girl siempre, 

Hermana Spencer in their room at the MTC

The Santiago Chile Temple which is right next to the MTC.

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