Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from a Country that has no Thanksgiving!! ;)

Les Quiero!

Thank you thank you thank you for writing me and sending me pictures!! I love all of them and love seeing the sunshine in your life. The Lord has truly blessed me with an optimistic attitude that sometimes annoys my compañera, but then she hugs me and laughs too! Anyway, I have lots to talk about, so hang on tight!!

So first, I have been working on handstands, and getting splits!! I am no good at either!! Hna. Spencer was on a Drill team, so she helps me know how NOT flexible I am ;) I don´t know why I told you that. Maybe so you know how crazy I still am here in the mission. Also, the birds here are FEARLESS!! They just walk on the ground like 2 feet from us and don't fly away unless we are mean and run at them! They are so cute though, and we often just smile really big whenever a bird walks alongside us :)
More casual things: we got a new group of Gringos this week! They are replacing us and it is SUPER fun to speak Spanish with them, because they don't know a lot, so we teach them! We have also been teaching the Latinos and Brazilians Ingles, but often they just get frustrated and give up. Welcome to my life ;) except I cant give up....... ALL of the Brazilians are awesome though. We are kind of in the same boat because they have to learn Spanish and its super fun to share Spanish words we´ve learned with them. But then they try to teach us Portuguese, and Im like: ummm Spanish is hard enough.... But its just super fun. We taught them knuckle bumps and high fives, and they told us the Portuguese words for them, but I have no idea how to spell them... sorry. OKAY, so crazy thing: there is a Brazilian that looks like he could be from Utah right? but he doesn't speak ANY English!!! I sat next to him and asked where he was from, and went: Que?? I was SO surprised!! Its crazy how not everyone that LOOKS gringo here, IS gringo. Anyway, moving on.
We, as a district, have decided to have our own little Thanksgiving this Thursday since Chileans don't celebrate any Norte Americano holidays except Navidad. Its kind of weird to see snowmen in the stores, since they don't have any snow for Christmas.... Anyway. We bought a bunch of food that we will all share, and I may even end up eating sugar!! Gasp. But its okay, I have lost some weight here, so I guess some sugar wont hurt, as long as Hna. Spencer lets me run 3 miles the next day ;)

Along with the new gringo missionaries came maestros nuevos for us. We kept Hna. Ceballos in the morning, but Hno. Gonzalez replaced Hno. Antileo in la tarde, y Hno. Ceballos replaced Hno. Riutor en la noche. Yes the Ceballos are related. They are the cutest!! Hno. Gonzalez know like 10 words en Ingles, so he has to speak very clear for us and is always looking up words on Google to explain complicated things to us. But its good, I just feel my brain grow every time we get done with a long time of listening to him. Which brings me to last Sunday!! En Domingo, we had no lessons in English. For the first 4 weeks you have only Santa Cena in Spanish, but now we are in the group with the latinos, so this was our first Domingo en total Español!! Man I have never been so mentally tired in my life. I actually understood a lot, and learned a few more common phrases, which was cool, but by the end of the day, I could barely think straight!! It was awesome ;)

Oh!! So I met my mission president this morning!! He is here to bring the missionaries that are leaving Rancagua to the temple for the last time. Those missionaries that are leaving, are the ones we are replacing next Martes. Super loco!! I cant believe how fast time flies here en el CCM! I feel like is was just yesterday that Hno. Antileo was helping us memorize el Objetivo en Español and helping my pronunciation de la palabra Evangelio. Today for Pday, we just walked around and said goodbye to the city. I will maybe miss Santiago, but I am SOOOOOOO excited for Rancagua!!

So, my spiritual hunger grows everyday. I just want to stop everything and read el Libro de Mormón sometimes. Yes in Spanish, because I can understand a lot of what the scriptures say now. I discovered DyC 138 this week and the difference between forbidden paths and preparatory paths this week in 1 Nephi 8!! Not everyone is on a forbidden path!! Sometimes they are on a prep path until we bring them to the straight and narrow.

Anyway, I love you all, find someone to love this week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hna. McCubbins

An amazing sunset we saw behind the temple (Santiago)

Our last group that left last week!!

This is what my classroom and desk ALWAYS look like.

Elder Hadlock is the Elder that looks like he speaks English, but doesn't and Elder Bennett is his sweet
companion that looks like he is from Idaho, but is from Altamont Utah.

This is a yellow star that one of the Brazilian Elders said I could have.

A selfie of me and Hna Spencer cuz we love each other ;)

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