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I love you so much!! I hope youre okay. I know this work is what im supposed to be doing right now. Elder Nelson came to our mission along with Elder Christensen of the 70 and another 70 General Authority. E. Christenson promised our families at home were okay and to just keep being obedient and put everything into this work. That is what I want to do, just throw everything I have into finding those people who need this amazing gospel!! Anyway, I have some stories for you!!

I have started to forget English words!! I will be talking with my cute companion in Spanglish, and then completely forget what word I need in English!! Most of the time we end up playing a quick game of charades so she knows what Im talking about... Also, now our room companions are talking spanish with us all the time, so I wake up having to speak Spanish, and go to sleep talking spanish to myself or mi companera. Its so crazy, hopefully i will still know English by the time I get home... 

Another story, my companion LOVES singing and is 100 times better than me, but our voices mesh super awesomely when she sings alto, and i sing soprano. So one time we were asked to sing for FHE totally last minute, like we were sitting, and they just said (in spanish) now we will have Hna. Spencer sing with Hna. McCubbins!! So we had to choose a song quick which we chose Asombro Me Da, and she gave the beginning soprano note, she has perfect pitch, and we just went. All the latinas were smiling and gazing in awe at us, and the Elders were paying attention, which is a miracle in itself. It was a very awesome experience, but i was shaking with nerves after that... But I loved it!! I want convert tons of people through song on my mission!! Its the best!!

More short stories. Mi companera y yo are super crazy and try to talk to anyone Chilean during exercise time in the park, or on the street during prep day. I have no idea what they are saying 95 percent of the time, but most of them are super loving and understand. One cute old man was excited about the pass along card we gave him and knew where the temple was!! He said we were muy joven (very young) but thanked us for the service we did for people. I think he had a little experience with missionaries, but he said he was Catolico, catholic. We also talked to a girl in the park who was waiting for her sister. We invited her to come to the temple sometime if she wanted. She was also Catholic, and while we were talking to her, I had just got done with a 3 mile run, so I was almost dead!! We hugged her good bye though, with un beso en the cheek, and she was smiling as we left, so we must have done something good.

One sad thing is all the stray dogs!! They look so sad and we saw 2 dead ones today. I cant look at them cuz i almost cry. They are the cutest things ever, but we dont pet them because of fleas and they might follow us home... which is not good.

A really funny thing is the drivers here. During classes, we, at least once a day, here either a car screech and honk, or something that sounds like a crash!!! Its kind of scary, but we laugh it off and keep studying. We always keep an eye out for cars, because they are crazy drivers here!!
Also another funny thing: one of our maestros, Hermano Antileo, kind of looks like a monkey to me... I told him this back in October, but then yesterday, we went to teach him as an investigator named Andres, then when we came back in, one of the Elders had written on the white board: HerMONO Antileo!! We laughed SO hard and still dont know who did it... I suspect Elder Hadlock though. If you dont get it, mono means monkey... :)

Anyway, now I want to talk about my companion, beautiful Hermana Spencer. She looks like a walking Porcelien Doll!! I tell her everyday that she is super gorgeous, but shes such a sweet heart that she just laughs and gives me a big hug. I just look at her and love that shes my companion!! She is AWESOME at singing any type of music from pop to opera, to classic to modern, everything, and she is ALWAYS singing so I get songs stuck in my head ALL the time!! I love harmonizing with her, and since she has perfect pitch, we sound pretty good!! When I dont mess it up.... ;) One thing about her perfect pitch is she can name what note it is from just hearing it!! CRAY CRAY!! One of the poly elders tested it and she named every single note!! I was in awe! She also has an awesome talent for the piano and can rock any hymn, even ones she has never played. She usually picks the hymns in class because we cant read the spanish names, but she can read the music. Shes also super good at working hard and being the mother of our distrito. She makes sure the Elders stay in task, and answers all my dumb questions that are obvious. We work super well together and can give honest feed back lovingly after lessions and if a problem comes up. I am SO lucky to have a companion thats close to perfect. Shes not always perfect, like sometimes she yells EARTHQUAKE when I turn over in the bed... hahaha!! I have the top bunk, so whenever I move, the whole thing moves and she makes fun of me!!! We have set a goal to eat no sugar and not a lot of bread since thats how you get fat. We follow the Word of wisdom (WoW) so we are WoW!! ;) Shes the best companion ever, sorry to all the other missionaries, but mine is the best.

So, I have to go now. I love you mommy!! I didnt have enough time to write everyone who wrote me, but tell everyone I love them and they can write me anytime. Also, real letters would be awesome too!! ;) I LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!! There are two ways to say I love you here in Chile. Le quiero is just I love you casually, so you can say to anyone. The other is Le Amo, which is deep love for only select people.
Le amo :) 

Hermana McCubbins
Jessica and her companion. They could almost be twins. You can almost see her missionary tag in this one.

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