Monday, September 21, 2015


Dear Family,

So.... I don´t know what you all are talking about... I don´t remember my birthday being this week.. ;) Just kidding. Hey thanks for everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Completing 20 years in the mission field is awesome and reading all your emails and life experiences makes me smile tons! I LOVED Mom´s card with you guys making the cake. I LOVED it!! I laughed so hard. It is probably the best present I could recieve. Sorry I won´t be able to reply to you all this week. My fingers are blazing at 120 mph, there is fire on the keyboard and I still won´t be able to reply to everyone! Sorry, but I love you all!! 

So this week was amazing. We celebrated 18 de Septiembre which I believe is when Chile won its independence from Spain... but I didn´t ask anyone for the history, I just ate empenadas y asado ;D We had an AMAZING activity in our rama. It was super simple and we just played a ton of games like 3 leg race and musical chairs and also flied kites (they are kite fanatics here). There were a TON of kids and I accidentally hurt 2 of them.... One got a bloody nose when I was running backward with Hna. Araujo, and the other fell to the ground when we were playing dodgeball and I threw the ball and hit him in the stomach, but he was a little overdramatic because then he just got back up and laughed again. However, I have now put a goal to not kill any children... It is becoming a joke now in the rama that I kill little kids, but suprisingly, the little kids don´t have fear for me, they in fact want to play with me now more than ever... I don´t know if they understand that we should run away from dangerous things instead of play with them.... ;) But anyway, it was super fun and it really has helped the rama come closer together. We now have plans to do noches de rama (instead of noches de hogar) every week and keep it super simple because it is helping our unity a ton. 

Oh, did I mention Marcela de Jesus is getting baptized this week??? She is amazing!! I will send pictures next Monday. Sorry I can´t write more, gotta go! 

Love love love, 

Hna. McCubbins

Birthday cake from an hermano de Guadalupe. He isn´t in our rama, but he´s so nice that he made me a GINORMOUS cake. We have now eaten 3 fourths of it and are getting fat ;D

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