Friday, October 9, 2015

I LOVED General Conference!

Dear Family, 

Answers to the questions;

So I have two companions actually... One is Hna. Darrington who is basically the boss. We got here together in the CCM and she is from southern utah. I might move down there to live with her after. We are going to complete one year together which is crazy because we completed 6 months together and will also be together at 18 months.... We have it all planned out ;D Our other companion is Hna. Silberman from Brazil!!! ANOTHER BRAZILIAN!! I also might go visit Brazil after the mission because I know 3 brazilians now ;) She is basically a gringa in a brazilian body. She speaks english and understands it, so we usually are speaking english in the house, which is hard for me because I think I forgot English.... We mix english and spanish a lot and sometimes get sentences like, I need to eat desayuno ahora! Or, I´m gonna terminate my mission soon. It is awesome! We also have come up with an english version of a portugese song that talks about pesky flies because we have flies in the house now that it is spring. 

Did you guys LOVE conference?? I LOVED it. I almost cried because I didn´t want it to end... I love to hear the prophet speak and recieved a ton of answers to my prayers. I now know that I need to get better at listening to and acting upon the impressions of the spirit and become a true disciple of Christ. I invite you all to listen to ALL the general conference talks if you didn´t this weekend. EVERY talk had an important message and the Spirit was SO strong you could have cut it with a knife. 

Invitation: Bring someone who is not of the church to church with you this next weekend. I expect awesome experiences next Monday.

Love you all!!
Hna. McCubbins

Emmi, Jenna, and Katelyn at Jenna's missionary farewell. All three of these girls were also at Jessica's farewell.

Scotty McCubbins, Denise McCubbins, and Hanna Hellbush (Jessica's Trainer) The bag has presents that Hanna brought from Jessica. We met after General Conference.

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