Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stay strong and Smile!

Dear Family 

So, sorry for not writing yesterday. We had a holiday here in Chile where none of the stores open, so we had no way to write!! But it is okay now. Our president is super good about making sure we write every week, sí o sí. ;) 

So, the other night we saw a miracle. We were in a part of our sector that is safer than other parts, but at night and for some reason they had cut the lights and it was super dark. It was maybe 8.45 at night and all three of us had a feeling we needed to head home because it wasn´t safe without the lights. We got into a colectivo and headed home. On the way home, we started talking with the driver and he seemed to know a lot about us missionaries, more than normal people. He ended up being a less active that should be going to San Fernando 2, a different branch close by, and he actually had desires to go back to church. He started telling us all about the miracles he had seen when he was active and that he really didn´t have any excuses for not going to church besides laziness. It was a miracle to see someone who recognized that because not many people notice when they make excuses but that their actual reason is because they don´t want to go. As he was talking I had a feeling that we just needed to listen to him and invite him to go back to church so he can continue helping others accept the gospel. I felt it was a miracle because I think he really needed to voice his thoughts and start to want to go back to church. It ended up that we arrived at the house right on time and happy because we followed the spirit´s promptings. I think it is super cool that when we listen to the Spirit and act on the promptings we have, the Lord helps us both change people´s lives AND be exactly obedient to the mission rules. It was cool also because he taught me a principle that kind of hit me in the heart. He said Querer es Poder. This saying means when you actually want to do something, that desire gives you power to do it. The fourth missionary also teaches us that, so it was super cool to hear that there is a saying for that in Spanish. ;)

Also, yesterday, we found a new investigator named Olfelia, and her sister Yanet and Yanet´s son Alvaro José. They are a family from Colombia and have been here in Chile for almost 4 years. They are amazing!! We were talking to Olfelia, just getting to know her and find her need, which requires a lot of help from the Spirit, like all aspects of mission work, and she started crying when Hna. Silberman asked her what is the most important thing in her life. She answered that it was her daughter that is 33, and lives back in Colombia. Olfelia came here to Chile only to get to know a different place and now she is kind of stuck here because of money. She says she sometimes feels alone and that God isn´t with her. I almost started crying too (because I am a sympathetic cryer...) and all we did was listen to her and invite her to read a pamphlet to prepare for our next visit. I felt that the Lord loved her SO much and was sad that she felt alone. Haha, and now I am almost crying just thinking about her. I don´t know if it is her time yet to accept the gospel, but I do know that the Lord needed us to be there to comfort her and get to know her family and bear testimoy of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 

I just want to invite you all to listen to and act on the promptings of the Spirit. When I think about this principle, I think about our prophet Thomas S. Monson who, it has been said, always listens and acts. I have a ton of love for the prophet and I cried when we recieved the news that he has Parkinson´s (I think that is what it is?). I know he is the mouth piece for the Lord and hearing his words makes me want to be a better disciple of Christ every day. I hope you all can grow in your love for him and recognize that it is a miracle that we have a living prophet in these latter days. Millions of people died during the Great Apostasy, without ever having the priviledge of hearing the words of a living prophet, or living the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen to his words, and act on the promptings the Spirit gives you. I know that doing this will not only bless the lives of the people that are around you, but you will grow in your faith to have more hope in life and will start to love EVERYONE that may be around you. You guys are awesome. Stay strong and smile!! ;)

Love, Hermana McCubbins

P.S. Did I see Sean in General Conference singing in the choir of primary kids?? Or am I crazy??

Jessica's cousin Sean was in the children's choir for General Conference on Saturday Afternoon.
He's in the bottom right-hand corner of this picture in the blue tie.

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