Monday, December 8, 2014

Rancagua is the BEST Mission on the Planet!! Enserio!

Okay, so I have tons to tell you, so por favor, be patient and forgive my randomness! I have a list and it has no organization...

So I LOVE my companion! Sorry I cant figure out the pictures right now because the computer is all in Spanish. I will figure it out for next week. My companion is Hna. Hellbusch de Highland Utah!! She has 8 months in the mision and know Spanish SO good. She only talks to me in Spanish, unless I dont understand, so I have been progressing super fast. I also love our roommates Hna. Mendez de Guatemala (she looks Gringo though, so I call her my Gringita), and Hna. Rodriguez de Columbia. I can already understand simple conversations in Spanish. 

It was SO sad to say good bye to my distrito 4, especialmente Hna. Spencer, but I know I will see them again in the Gathering of Israel, so I put them in the Lord`s Hands and dont worry about them. I know whatever happens is what happens and everything will be okay if I work hard and be obedient. 

So, it is summer here! I love it tons. We sweat and walk and visit people, and sweat and walk and give sweaty hugs, and sweat and walk and sometimes get really good food (actually there is ALWAYS good food, love it!) and then we sweat and walk and teach cool lessons. A few days ago we had a water fight with a menos activo family which was way fun and they came to church this week so it payed off!!! ;) We`re sneaky like that. 

I have found there is a difference between Spanish and Chilean.... There is so much jerga (slang) here, and we, as missionaries, have to be careful to use good wholesome Spanish, which isn`t hard for me because that is all I know.... ;) But anyway, Rancagua is SO much better than Santiago!! I feel at home here, is that weird? The culture shock (which I will talk about later) has worn off and I know this is where I am supposed to be. We are going back to Santiago for my comp`s passport renewal this week, so I can go visit my teachers!! But Rancagua is the place!! We are in the sector Tupahue C and it is honestly the best. We are doing a whitewash (starting over) because my comps last comp was super sick a lot, so we get to start everything over!

I met one of the members here who I saw in Santiago!! She had asked me about a CD in the dist. center, and then we visited her here, so it was like a small world miracle! We also had a miracle when our key wouldnt work to our apartment, so we went back out until the other hnas got home, and we ended up meeting a man who was SUPER open to our message, we even gave him a book of Mormon and marked Ether 12 for him ;) but he isnt in our sector!! :( so we have to give him to someone else, which es muy triste! But that was a super awesome miracle, if I have ever seen one.
So there are so many awesome people here, I wish I had time to tell you about all of them but let me tell you about Flor, Leslie and Christovo. They are our new investigators!! I love them tons!! We had ONE lesson with them and they accepted the invitation to come to church!! My companion also made me invite them to be baptized in that lesson!! It was SO powerful!! My broken spanish didnt matter because the Spirit was talking and they could feel it! Then they came to church and I swear, EVERY meeting was exactly for them. They heard about the Doctrine of Christ and how it gets us to live with nuestro Padre Celestial and our familias. then Soc y Soc, we talked about how Christ is our anchor. Flor thanked us for finding here, Christovo LOVED primary and Leslie loves the family message. This week I am practicing Spanish to set a date for Dic 27 for their baptism and hope they accept! They are seriously a huge tender mercy right now. I cant believe my Savior has trusted us with them. I love them so much!!

Anyway, there are tons of other people I wish I could tell you about, but I am super disorganized, so next week you have a long letter again. AND pictures!

Key to missionary work: WORK and FUN!! OBEDIENCE tambien.

Tell everyone I love them so much and hope their lives are full of laughter and work! Because I feel like that is what this life is all about. Men are that they might have joy!! So be happy everyday and work hard with what He has given you, even if at first it may seem dull or boring. I love you tons!!

Hna. McCubbins

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