Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año Nuevo

Dear Family (that includes everyone because we are all hijos de Dios!)

I LOVED talking to you guys through Skype. For some reason I cant find the exclamation points, so sorry if this letter has a lack of enthusiasm. It seems like hours arent hours anymore. They are more like 5 minutes.... I loved just getting to see your faces and hear Scottys super deep man voice. That is super loco. I see also that Derek has probably grown 7 bajillion inches more. You all look super happy and I am so grateful for you guys and the wonderful support you are to me. President was glad to hear that you uplifted me instead of making me homesick, so you guys are great.

First, we had another miracle day. I went with Hna. Mendez for divisions and that day, ALL of our citas fell through. It was like 6 pm and we had no one. We called a bunch of people and contacted, but nothing was really going. Then we found a cute little house and the lady, se llama Amanda, was super receptive. She already knew about us and asked us por un libro de Mormòn. We gave her one and planned sometime for us to come sing her a song, which is our sneaky way of saying we are going to come teach the gospel and you will love it. Then despues Amanda, we found Maria, who is the mother of Benjamin, un investigador, pero ella no quiere eschuchar a nosotros antes. But we said hi to her and just started a casual conversation. She opened up and started asking question and her eyes got real big when she asked why I wanted to be a missionary and I answered with my experience of watching Pres. Monson change the missionary age. She couldnt believe there was un profeta en la tierra hoy dìa. CRAZYYY. It was super cool and she ended up wanting a LdM tambien, pero I had given mine that was in my bag to Amanda, so we went the next day to give it to her. Despues Maria, we went to Isabel who is Evangelist, but her daughter has cancer, so she was super open to us when we paid interest to her. She said she was an answer to her prayers, which they pray very.... interestlingly as I found out. But I loved just listening to her and uplifting her with the scripture in Alma 7 about la Expiacion and how Jesucristo sabe que she is going through. Then after her, it was time to run home. The work is awesome, even if you have no idea what the day may hold. Thats how you know it is Christ who is over this work ;D

So we have about 3 golden people right now.
Ana is Christian, creo. And her son died from suicide earlier this month. She has already said she wants to come to church and read el libro de mormòn. Then on the day of divisions, Hna. Hellbusch put una fecha por bautismo en Enero 12, creo. She is so cute and sweet, I wish we could visit her everyday, but we need to let people feel a difference of Spirit when we arent there, so yeah...
Also there is Rina. I havent seen her in a while since we always seem to be working super far away from where she lives. But Hna. Hellbusch says she is doing super good.
Also, there is Isabel who found some scriptures in the park, brand new, and now wants to learn more about them. That is super awesome. Its cool to see how Heavenly Father has been preparing people for us to just come and help them along the path to salvation. Truly He is conscious of EVERY human soul everywhere, and loves us all.

I refound Pres. Uchtdorfs talk about Gratitude this week. No matter what circumstances we may be in, we should give thanks to God for our blessings. Have an attitude of gratitude! :D If nothing else, be grateful that one day everything will turn out magnificent and amazing, because that is how much our Heavenly Father loves us. This life is not our destiny. We are not made for endings, but for everlasting beginnings!!!!!! I love you guys so much. Finally found the exclamation point button!! And be grateful that you have snow, because there is nothing but sun here ;)

Hna. McCubbins

A completo (hot dog) in the CCM

Christmas Dinner, beautiful tomatoes and avacados

Christmas Present 2014

Hermanas Hellbush, Mendez, and McCubbins in twinner shirts

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