Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year!!

Oh my dear dear, sweet family. This is the year I get to devote entirely to el Señor!! 2015 will forever be my favorite year, at least for now. And it all started with me kind of missing you guys alot ;) I just want you to know that this mission, this year is not just for my best friend Jesus Christ, and my dear Heavenly Father, but also for you guys at home who support me everyday. Every step I take on the dusty roads of Chile Rancagua is for you. I have a picture of you guys on my desk and everytime I feel discouraged, or tired, I think about you guys all looking up to me, and it makes me want to be a better misionera because I am so lucky to have you guys as my eternal family, FOREVER! ;) I love you all and I try to spread that love to all the people here so they can join us in the Celestial Kingdom too. 

Okay, random cute stories! I am a clutze! I think I trip or almost fall at least once a day. It is kind of a joke now with us, especialmente since my reactions son chistoso (funny) every time it happens. I dont know why I dont know how to walk... I have been doing it for like 19 years! Maybe its cuz I`m upside down on the underside of the world.... ;) Also, WE GOT PIANO GUYS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can only listen to their hymns, but all the same, it makes me so happy!! Also, WE GOT VOCAL POINT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, I love awesome spiritual songs.... ;) Also, this week, I learned how to make poached eggs in the microwave!! (Derek that was for you ;) ) We cant use the stove when someone is in the shower, so I cooked the eggs in the microwave, and they are SO delicious! Healthy and fun and ghetto, that is how we do it in the mission. Another thing with food, the other day we had to eat spagghetti with spoons cuz no one could find los tenedores en la cocina de la capilla. We had a break the fast lunch and for some reason only spoons were in the kitchen.... We and the elders had tons of fun with that ;D
Also, I am kind of scared to play fùtbol now. Not because I feel I might get hurt, but I don`t want to hurt anyone else. I have now almost injured 4 elders.... 2 en el CCM and 2 here. The most recent occurance, an elder ended up on the ground because I might have accidentally tripped him..... So yeah... 
Also, I have buff arms now, since I exercise everyday. I might come home a body builder, just so you know.

So this week was a little hard. Hna. Hellbusch had to stay en la casa por 3 dìas for her back, and since we are in a trio, it worked out that we only had 1 day of actual work in our sector, so we felt horrible when we told the district leaders our numbers for the week. We are hoping this week we can just kick Satan and his attempts to derail us to the curb and work hard this week to start the new change off right. Isnt that super crazy!! I already almost have 6 weeks in the field!! D: I am not supposed to count though, so shhhh. Voy a olvidarme en la obra. ;) 

We did get to visit Benita this week. I love that super cute lady so much. She might get an assignment this week since she has un entrevista con el obispo. We are hoping it will have something to do with Family History since she is basically pro at it. 
We also visited Claudio, and I am SO proud of him. He is in rehab for drugs, and it is helping him TONS!! He is always happy and willing to learn more about the gospel, and is regularly attending church now. Truly this work is not just about baptisms, but strengthening anyone who needs to be strengthened.

Also, en el sector de Hna. Mendez, we got to visit 2 of her investigadores that she hasn`t seen in about a month, so that was basically 2 miracles in one day. Maria Josè LOVES to feed us food, and loves missionaries, but she has a smoking problem, so we aren`t sure how that will affect our teaching. Sometimes its bad when people really love us, cuz they just want to talk, and not learn anything about the gospel... We will see how it goes.
We also visited Karen who asks a lot of questions! But not always the right ones... They are more the types of questions that turn the focus on us, instead of on her. Hno. Ceballos en el CCM warned us about this. The Chileans LOVE to help others, but not always want to help themselves ;) Its good though, we just love them and bring the Spirit to their homes.

We had two crazy experiences this week. One time we were a little late walking back to our house after a lesson, and weren`t going to make it in time, then un taxi stopped and a man offered to give us a ride for no dinero. We were SO thankful, and attempted to contact this man. He said he was 7th day Adventist I think? And NO we couldn`t visit him because he said he was strong in his church, but he still wanted to service us because apparently we are cousin churches... ;) We just gave him una tarjeta and thanked him a bunch of times after getting to know him a little bit. I think HF sent him just so we would get to the casa en tiempo ;) But hopefully we also planted a seed!

I also had my first experience with almost bible bashing! There were two men we ran into while we were in a little house store and I actually started talking to them first! Which forced mis compañeras to talk to them too since I am still not fluent (why cant I be fluent in 2 months???? It isnt fair ;) ) and they started asking questions, especially about the word of wisdom. They asked why we couldnt eat marijuana as salad, because that was healthy!! We said in fact it wasn`t because of modern day revelation, and then they said it was in the bible that you could eat marijuana!!!! Everything was completely over my head, not just because I didn`t know Spanish, but I don`t know the bible that well... But Hna. Mendez got kind of heated up. I felt the Spirit start to stir and instantly just offered my hand to the man that was causing most of the contention. In my super sweet voice, I said: Hola, soy Hna. McCubbins. Instantly the contention stopped and we were able to leave them in peace. I hope they run into missionaries again ;)

Anyway, I love you! Keep up the faith!

Hna. McCubbins

Happy 2015!!


Jessica's Desk--Family picture on the right.

Jessica's Deak--Not so clean.

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