Monday, January 19, 2015

It's Christmas, AGAIN!!!

Mi Querido Familia,

I GOT YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT!! I felt like is was Navidad all over again and absolutely LOVED hearing all of your guyseseses (how do you say that again?) voices. Brynn and Emmi and Jenna were SO cute. Coachie almost made me cry cuz his soothing voice is definitely missed in my ears. I feel like that was a weird thing to say, but oh well. Grandpa y grandma made me laugh tons. I might just listen to that over and over because of his accent. Robin and Nate sound like newly weds..... which is good!! ;) Kind of grossed us out, cuz we are missionaries and we dont think of boys like that, but it is amazing!! I am so glad that Robin is super happy. DAD I UNDERSTOOD ALL OF YOUR WORDS!! That was SO cool. Feel free to write en cualquier manera que quiere. Les amo!! I also loved all the little things in the packet. The big stickers that you didnt know are for my daily planner, which is SO cute!! I will start using them next change cuz I already decorated my planner for this change. I also LOVE the BYU socks!! They are SO soft! I might never wash them cuz I dont want the hard water to ruin their amazing softness. Thank you thank you thank you!! The best is to hear about how you guys are doing and progressing in your lives. Here I see so many sad things in families and trials that people go through. I know that those are necessary and that your guysessesese lives arent perfectly easy, but I have the faith that as long as you guys are still praying, reading the scriptures and attending church, you will all be amazingly fine. :)

I laughed so hard when I read that Derek wants to cut me off since I cut off my hair. I promise you guys I wont cut it again. But it is a TON easier and cooler to manage now.

Okay, so some things to tell you. We had someone die this week. Her name was Alisia and she was like 85 years old and in a bad family situation, so we are both super sad, and relieved at the same time. I dont know if this is bad, but when we were visiting her, I had a feeling that I almost WANTED her to die because it would be so much better for her in heaven than here. (Did I accidentaly kill someone with my thoughts??) :( 
But overall we are happy to know that she is safe now and in the arms of Heavenly Father, resting and learning more of the gospel :)

So funnies ahora, I have two admirers. I feel like I might have more, but there are two that stand out. One is a man that has a mental problem and has now given me a red rose and a llama toy.... I gave the rose to one of the conversos de los elderes y tengo el llama... The other man keeps talking to me and now one of the elders in our barrio has to talk to him. Why do I have to have this face!!! :`(

Ana came to church this week!!! She is our investigadora que su hijo killed himself. She said she felt peaceful and smiled tons in all the classes. We have a cita with her this week, so hopefully she still likes us by then.

This week I have learned a LOT about being agents. Elder Bednar is probably my favorite. Out here in the mission field, you really dont have anyone but you and the Lord. Once I realized that, I felt like this work all changed!! I feel like a real missionary now! I know where people live and really plan the lessons for them. Not that I didnt do that before, but now I am taking charge (mostly cuz Hna. Hellbusch is pushing me) and really trusting in the Lord to guide us to where we need to go.
I CANT WAIT TILL I CAN GO WORK AGAIN!! We are on pday now...

Love you guys!!

Hna. mcCubbins

Humongous Banana!

Hermana Hellbusch with her very belated Christmas stocking from the McCubbins.

The contents of Hermana Jessica's "Christmas" stocking.

If you put Christian stickers on the package it gets there only took seven weeks.

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