Monday, January 26, 2015


¿Porque la cucaracha no puede caminar?
Porque le falta una pata!!!!!! 

Sorry for the lame or funny joke. That was one of the things we said this week en la calle para keep up our animo. I dont know why, but this week was especially hard for me. One day the enfermera just told me to go rest in the house and work later in the day. I am completely fine now, but it was super annoying to have to stop working to take care of my body. And now I have some amazing sisterly missionary advice for you Derek!!

Derek: You are the bomb!! First off you need to know that. Second, I love you!! Okay, now third, THE MISSION IS THE HARDEST THING YOU WILL EVER GO THROUGH!! I have to say that because some people come out into the mission field without that knowledge, and end up going home because they feel they can´t handle it. I need you to know that, so you come into this knowing full well that you will be tried in ALL aspects of your life. But, there is a fourth; YOU CAN DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND JESUS CHRIST. :) Because He really is your best friend. Derek, I know you have a testimony, and I look up to you SO much for your desire to serve a mission and work hard for our Savior. I just want you to succeed in your desires and go into the mission knowing full well that Satan is out there to get you. I have a committment for you ;) Read 1 Nephi 17 and especially focus on your desire to serve. I promise you that the mission is the BEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, because it teaches us how to be disciples of Christ for our entire lives, just know that He also needs you to be strong, and that sometimes means taking you to your breaking point. So read that chapter, and I will verify if you read it next week ;) Because that is what we missionaries do, we invite, you committ, and we follow up ;) Love you tons!! And laugh at the part in verse 52 where his brothers wont go near him ;) It made me laugh!

Okay, now for this week. I got to do divisions with another Hermana named Hna. Dana!! She is a taller than me Argentiniana who is leaving to go home this week! She is basically and I learned tons from her about having faith in the Savior in all aspects of the work, and where the line is between working hard ourselves and leaning on the Savior to tell us where to go. We worked with one of her ward missionaries, and I am not kidding, we had tons of miracles from that sweet 60 year old lady!! She walked with us for like 4 hours and we had tons of amazing things happen!! We were contacted (like someone came up to us) and she wanted to hear our message! That like NEVER happens. She was so sweet and I just wanted to hug her! Also, we entered into a house of someone whose family is menos activo, and her daughter´s pololo (boyfriend) was a hard set Catholic!! It was so cool to hear what his ideas were and I got to testify about Jesus Christ!! (Who is my favorite) When I testified of our Savior, I got goosebumps, and the guy smiled when I said He was my best friend ;) 

Anyway, I have now run out of time, but I love you all! And hope you know that: He ALWAYS gives us things we cant handle.... alone ;)


Hna. McCubbins

Hermana Dana and Hermana McCubbins: She found someone who is taller than her!!

She loves to stick out her tongue!!

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