Monday, February 2, 2015


Dear Family of Mine,

There is much to tell you. First, yes I have received every little yellow note you hid in my stuff ;) And today I received all the pouch letters from back in December and everything. Our nice district leader called us this morning and was like... So Hna. McCubbins has like 8 letters... I was super excited!! Thank you! 

So we found 6 new people this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 of them were a family, all strong, Christ loving women who love Jesus!! AND THEY HAVE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF US MORMONS!!! Its amazing cuz now all we have to do is tell them this is His church and they already want to come attend the church to test it out. I CANT WAIT!! They are named Rosa, Carolina y Karen.

Also, my testimony in the Lord putting us where we need to be is super strong. We met a lady in the street while running a tad late, but she was in distress. We stopped, having faith in the Lord and asked what was wrong. She said she felt ugly, and all we did was hug her and she started to cry. You guys, LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER, because God is love, and He is everything ;) Her name is Nancy and we are going to visit her this next week.

Also, we met Thomas, a young boy at around 16 years old, with TONS of questions about who God is and what He means for us. It is AWESOME but he lives super far away, and we cant always find him at home, so that is a little frustrating, but we have faith he will be in our path when Heavenly Father has him ready.

Also, we found out 2 of our investigadors are friends!! CRAZY! We are thinking of teaching them together so they can learn and grow in the gospel juntos! Their names are Lissett y Gloria.

Also, one of our menos activas had her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She and her fiancè named him Joaquin and plan to get married soon!! They are doing awesome and we cant wait for everything awesome to happen to them. They are beaming with happiness and I cant believe the change in her fiance after becoming a dad, its like he is an actual man now ;) 

And the last I wish to share with you guys is an amazing spiritual experience we had this week with Ana Castilla, nuestra menos activa. She is having some super serious health problems and cant work to get the money for her medical bills. The day we visited her, we were in divisions, yo, hna. Rodriguez, y una hermana that has like 3 weeks in the mission, ALMOST no help, but excited to work nonetheless. We called the elders for a blessing, but they didnt answer, neither did the bishop. Finally we just kneeled down and prayed with our hearts for her to be strengthened to work or anything that would help. The Spirit was so strong!!! And she is doing way better! Women have power in prayer guys :)

I love ya tons. Hope all is well. Send more pics of you guys!! I love pictures!!


Hna. McCubbins

In front of the church with an investigator

Companions Rodriguez and Hellbusch

The mouth open picture is spreading to her poor companion.

YUMMY Empanada

Eating the YUMMY Empanada

Breakfast and planning all in one

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