Monday, February 23, 2015

4 Months, and No More Training!

WE HAD AN EARTHQUAKE!!!! Oh my gosh it was so awesome! They said it was like 5.9. We were pretty far from the center, but it lasted 8 seconds and it was during our comp study. It felt like there was a big bear in the earth that was sleeping, and decided to roll over because of a scary dream! ;) But yeah, that was fun.

HAPPY BIRHTDAY SCOTTY!! I can´t believe you are going to be 15!! Just don´t steal ALL the girls at the dances, and dont kill anyone when you drive ;) That is my advice. Also, Hna. Hellbusch says, ´´Hope you dont die! Hope you get to live until you are 16!´´ I love my companion.

This week there is not much to report. Long story short our other companion decided to go home this week after some heated events. We didn´t work because we simply did not have the Spirit and I was not going to pretend to be a missionary like that, without my Father´s Spirit with me... :)
I really can´t tell all the details because I still have hope that she can change, but needless to say, I have learned much about the power of the adversary in relation to our agency. Let me say this: The Spirit will NEVER tell you that you need to be mad or angry with someone because they have wronged you. Even if someone did something horrible to you, it will prompt you to turn the other cheek, and repond with love and acceptance, NEVER anger or pride. Also, contention is always two sided, never one sided. Heavenly Father only gets offended when we harden our hearts and refuse to change.
I pray that each of you can recognize the value and importance of YOUR agency to CHANGE, and never stop wanting to change and make yourself better. I love you ALL SO much :) 
Jesus Christ is my best friend, and Heavenly Father is my amazing dad who listens to all my problems, I testify of this to you. Just turn to them in EVERYTHING and you will find peace, love and the assuring witness of the Spirit that you are doing what is right in His eyes.

I love you SO much!! And here is a picture of something funny I found in the scriptures ;) it says they were surrounded by llamas of fire ;D 

Love you guys tons!

Hna. McCubbins

Jessica's District

Elders in Jessica's Zone
"llamas de fuego" or "llamas of fire"

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