Monday, March 2, 2015


I don´t think I can say this enough, but I love you all SO much. I LOVE to hear all about your lives and the things going on, ESPECIALLY  your testimonies and things youre doing in the church and scripture study. If everyone here in Chile would do that, we would have to put the elders in the hospital from hypothermia of the baptismal font, from being in there so much ;) But as of yet, Barrio Tupahue Rancagua has not seen one convert since Diciembre.... Chile is hard ;) But we WILL find those chosen souls here, if I have any say in it ;)

I HAVE A NEW COMPANION!! Her name is Hna. Hall from Oregon, and she was companions with Hna. Squires last change!! :D It is SO awesome cuz we just want to work and do all we can to find those elegidos que estén en este sector. Though somos gringas, hablamos Español todo el día, pero a veces, tenemos palabras extrañes porque todavia somos gringas.... ;) Anyway, we have been working hard this week, and have hit our pillows everynight, DEAD tired. We are doing a lot of work with finding new people to teach, and cleaning out our teaching pool by either reactivating the menos activos or praying to know if we need to drop any investigators. PLEASE pray for us, because we really just want to find the people that are ready to follow the gospel, and not just talk to us for 2 hours about there problems and do nothing about them... ;) We love all the people, but if I have learned anything about this gospel, we are children of God that work ;)

Menos Activos:
Karina and Diego are going to get a date to get married en Martes!!!! I can´t wait! We were so worried they were going to separate and Karina would be a single mom with Joaquin, but they are certain this time and a member testified to them, and it was just BEAUTIFUL!! The gospel can do amazing things for you when you actually follow it ;)
ANA CASTILLO IS NOT EXCOMMUNICATED!!! That was probably my favorite news we recieved this week. I forgot to tell her until after church, and at first she didn´t think she heard me right because my Spanish is only 4 months old, but then a member explained to her and all she could do was look at me, start crying and grab me to give me a big hug!! It was one of those sweet tender mercies from Heavenly Father for me. I don´t even care if I have no baptisms for my whole mission, because that one moment made it all worth it. 

We also have found an AMAZING couple that is inactive. Se llaman Herran y Manuela. They are so cool, but something happened in their past, so they decided to drop the church, but we know they have testimonies still, and loved the temple. We just need to remind them of that ;)

We have been recieving TONS of references from people!! It is super fun and I can´t wait to get out there again, but I guess I can still write you guys for a little bit ;)

I fell SUPER hard earlier today. Next week I will send a picture of my scrape, it is awesome. I think we were looking at some intestines of some pigs, and I just wasnt looking, so I biffed it big time. It was super funny ;)

I LOVE long letters!! Send whatever crazy thought or story you want. Cuz I LOVE to read them all. Tell Dad to start writiting in Spanish, cuz I understand it tons now ;) 

This week we also had a splits activity with the young women! I had about 3 girls come with me and 3 went with Hna. Hall. We went and visited two menos activo families and they bore their testimonies. Do not doubt the power of a 12 year old testimony, because I swear they know more than I do ;) If you want mom, that might be a cool idea for the ward. 

This week we recieved the news that the whole mission is going to read the book of Mormon in 2 months!! :D We have to start at the beginning and read 10 pages a day to finish before April 30. Hna. Hall and I have been reading out loud everyday because we like to make the passages fun and be dramatic when Nefi is giving chastisment (palo is what we say here) to his brothers. It also gives us a chance to talk about how these scriptures relate to our sector and the people we loves tons. Also, we are super close now and are super animated everyday to get out and work! I bear testimony that there is REAL power in the book of Mormon. That one verse can change your whole day and bring you closer to Heavenly Father. 

I love you ALL!! Keep your faith strong!

Hna. McCubbins

PS Love ya.

Two beautiful Sister missionaries. Hermana Hellbush and Hermana McCubbins.

Hermana McCubbins trying to teach Hermana Hellbush her open mouth picture technique
before they're not companions anymore.

Hermana Hellbusch is still in training on the open mouth picture technique.

Hermana McCubbins with a member of her ward.

Empanandas with Hermana Hall in her new area Barrio Tapahue Rancagua. 

American candy in Chile. Is there anything better than a Reese's???

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