Monday, March 23, 2015

5 Months!!!!! Check Out My Shoes!!!!!

Dear Family,

So this morning we had a ginormous activity with all 4 zones in Rancagua and played fútbol in a huge field of grass! It was so beautiful and tons of fun! I actually got to run and be quirky and roll around on the ground! However, then I met Hna. Chapman. She is from Herriman Utah, and at first, I thought she had 10 months in the mission and started talking to her and being nice, and she asked me a Spanish word question. I was confused and asked her how much times she has. These were her words: almost 3 months! D: I AM SO OLD! But I got over it by running and stealing the ball from one of the Brazilian elders who talks like a gringo in English. 

This week Hna. Hall was a little sick :( So our sector is going a little slow, but we have esperanza y fe en el futuro! We did a lot of finding this week because we want to get those elegidos on the right path! And with this finding comes new people. With new people comes new criticisms (is that how you spell it?). And with new criticisms comes funny experiences ;) This week I told a lady I liked her pelo (hair). She stopped with a confused look on her face and said she didn't understand. When I repeated, she started laughing and told us she thought I had said pedo (fart)....... Needless to say we laughed for about 2 minutes about how gringos don´t know Spanish ;) but she was super nice, and was asking about the church and everything, but then had to leave before we could get her dirección. Hopefully we will find her again ;)

WE ALMOST GOT ONE OF INVESTIGADORAS TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY!! We were so excited, but she ended up not showing up, and we still don´t know why. So now we are just praying that she is reading the Book of Mormon still.

This week Hna. Hall and I were talking about how Chile is a very unique mission. There are many people (whether they mean to or not) who judge your success as a missionary on the number of baptisms you have. Let´s just say if that was the way we were supposed to judge success, I would be failing as a missionary ;) So, I don´t judge myself in that way. We judge whether we are amazing missionaries on our dedication to the work in every aspect: in reading el Libro de Mormón, estudios, practicas con su compañero, encontrando, lecciones con miembro, y animo en todo. I love this work. I am not perfect by a long shot. But I look for the good in every day.

love you guys!

Hna. McCubbins

Sister Missionary Shoes: A Symbol of Devotion
I cleaned one of my shoes for our conference with Elder Zeballos, who will be speaking in General Conference!!! He talked to us about a lot of cool things, but my favorite was that if we know how to speak English and Spanish, we can communicate with 80% of the members of the church! ;D AWESOME.
We ALMOST kept a baby cat that decided it liked us, but there´s this thing called the white bible that tells us we can't keep pets.... :( So we fed it and let it loose!!

Hermana Hall feeding the cat we almost adopted.

This is Hna. Nena. She is from the south of Chile, where they feed you 4 courses in one meal, plus a humongous dessert. Hna. Hall almost died and I had a pregnant belly of food ;)

Hna. Hellbusch visited us this week!! I love that girl so much! She left this on our mirror. 

Hna. Hellbusch found another green Spanish study book for me and gave it to me! :D I was a little jealous of hers, so she was nice enough to find one in one of the houses and give it to me ;)

I have a gift for art ;) Not really cuz I suck.... But this was what I put in the libro de recuerdos de Hna. Hellbusch. She will love it ;)

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