Monday, March 9, 2015

LIBRO DE MORMÓN! Changing the world, one soul at a time.

Oh my beautiful family, I love you tons!

This week has been super amazing. We have been working super hard with el Libro de Mormón, inviting EVERYONE to read this amazing book! And let me tell you why.....

This week we had a cita con our investigadora Elena. She is the sister of one of the elder´s menos activos, se llama Hno. Guerra. At the very start, she received us, but told us up front that she would listen to us, but NEVER change her religion. After that lesson Hna. Hall and I looked at each other and were like: She is getting baptized ;) We gave her un LdM and just invited her to read it. She is a little older, so her eyesight isn't too good, but she reads it whenever she has the chance. 

This week when we went to go teach her, she had TONS of questions. Who is Nefi? What are the four different plates? Stuff like that. We explained super clear, and she got it super quick after that. Then, something prompted us to watch the video La Restauracion. (Actually is wasn´t something, it was the Spirit ;) ). So we asked if she had something for DVD. She didn´t, so we asked if they had internet. They did. Then the computer didnt have very loud sound, so they connected it to the tv. Then the connection wasnt working, but they found a new cord. Then the video on didn't have sound, so we said they could go to youtube. Then EVERYTIME something awesome was coming up in the video, a pop up would pop up ;) and try to block the super awesome part. But we always closed it right before the awesome thing happened. One time it was right before the first vision, another time before Jose Smith revealed the plates in the ground, and (my favorite part) another time when his dad is reading el LdM and knows that the book is true. I was almost getting frustrated in each of these times, but then I said to Heavenly Father, ´´It is your hands. Whatever happens is your will, and I trust You.´´ After that, the lesson just melted into perfectness. She felt the Spirit SO strong. She LOVED the Joseph went straight to God to find his answer instead of through a pastor. And after some explanation from us, she understood that she needs to seek like Joseph to know if this church is the church that God wants her to follow. And then (and this is my favorite part) the Spirit just started talking out of my mouth I swear, because the next thing I new, I was inviting her to be baptized. I don´t even remember what was said or anything, but she ended up saying........ YES!!!! She told us she loves the book of mormon and Joseph Smith´s story, but she wants to understand the Book of Mormon clearly and sincerely make the choice to follow Jesus Christ. She understands this is a big step and she wants to make 100 percent sure it is the right path. 

OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THE SPIRIT!! I know with out a doubt if she hadn´t started reading el LdM, that lesson wouldn´t have been near as successful, and she wouldn´t have felt the love that Heavenly Father has for each of us. Ella es de oro!! Enserio! If I accomplished nothing else in my mission, that one lesson with Elena still would make it all worth it. The whole time I was thinking, you NEVER know where you are going to find los elegidos. You NEVER know who is ready to hear the gospel. All you can do is follow the spirit, give all to the Lord and hang on for the ride. There is a reason the Book of Mormon is the clave de nuestro religion. It is the most correct book of any on earth, and, in my 4 months of mission experience, is the book that will show us the most that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us beyond anything. I encourage each of you to read this book, DEVOUR it and pray to Heavenly Father if the words therein are true, because they are. It is changing me, it is changing our investigators and members, and it is changing the world, one soul at a time. 

I love you guys SO much. I hope my email wasn´t too boring. You guys are awesome and I can´t wait to write you next week!

Hermana McCubbins

Chachi is Rosa's sister and a golden investigator.

Hermana Hall: New companion.

Awesome moon!!

A flower that opens like a dog mouth.

Hna. Hall never smiles, but has a huge heart ;)

Rosa is a golden investigator.

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