Monday, March 16, 2015

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ I love the Gospel!!!!!!!!!!

I don´t know why, but every day, my love for the work, the people, the scriptures and you guys grows every single day. This week I realized that Mom´s birthday is next week, and that she will be at the grand age of....... 20 ;) Just kidding, but not. I have been thinking a lot about all that you and dad have done for me, and don´t think I could every express my eternal gratitude to you guys. Here I see not the best examples of parenting (if there is any) and have come to realize that your simple examples of a Christ centered life and going to church every week, and providing a roof over my head are the biggest blessings I could ever ask for. Not to mention being my best friends in this hard life and giving me all your awesome life skills advice. We have been reading the Book of Mormon like two on top of the world hermanas that feast on the words of Christ and study hard for our sector. And as we have been working and meditating and practicing for these people, I always in the back of my head am thankful for how you 2 raised me and put me on the straight and narrow path so that I could help other people on the path too. Every reactivation and baptism and contact that I do here in Chile, counts for you guys too, because you converted me, and that is a blessing for the people here in Chile. I hope all of you guys can meet either in this life, or in the gathering of Israel, or en el Reino Celestial, because it is gonna be a party ;) 

This week we reactivated un hermano se llama Alejandro! He has a calling en los hombres jóvenes and is super excited about all things church. He works in the church, managing all the buildings, and often comes home from el campo and brings us pan de campo! Oh my goodness there will be Pan de Chile in Heaven, I promise you guys.

Also, we are having our two menos activos Karina y Diego teach us all the lessons like we are investigators, because they are both return missionaries and we want them to study they scriptures together, so they will now start teaching us ;) Not sure if we should count these lessons as lessons in our numbers, but oh well!

Also, this week we get to watch Meet the Mormons on Wednesday! When we read that in our president´s weekly email, we did a big high five, and my hand is still hurting from that.... Hna. Hall is sometimes a man. ;) 

Also, DEREK AAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA, I AM SO EXCITED THAT YOU ARE STARTING YOUR MISSION PAPERS!! Here is some advice: Enjoy every moment of every day of your life. If you are not smiling, there is something wrong, and you should either pray, read the scriptures, or do something dumb that will make you laugh. That is what I do ;) Also, read 1 Nephi!! Nephi is my hero.

Ok love you guys! Bye,

Hna. McCubbins

Hermana Jessica and Hermana Hall--making cinnamon rolls!!

Cinnamon Rolls all ready to bake!! YUMMY!!

We had a noche de hogar con nuestro barrio y Ricardo and Yannette are siblings, and were pretending to be a family with problems that the missionaries had to teach. It was funny because they had experience fighting (cuz they grew up together) so it was super real ;)

This is our super cute miembro se llama Benita. We go and do service at her house once in a while, and she is a 85 year old ball of energy! She is so funny and I swear she is as young as we are, just stuck in an old body. We love her SO MUCH, and I wish we could visit her everyday.

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