Monday, April 20, 2015

April 22??? ¿Qué significa esta fecha?

WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is Mario, and he says, jokingly, that he is more Mormon now than we are because he thinks he knows everything about the gospel and he only lacks being baptized.... He is funny ;) His date is 2nd of May!! He loves to go to church, and whenever we remind him to read or pray or asist church, he says ´´obvio, necesito irme´´ which means obviously he needs to go. He has a huge amount of righteous desires and loves to learn anything and everything about the church. The only two problems now are a family problem that has been keeping up so he is tired and can´t always read his homework, and he might need to go to Germany soon!! Es tan fome! But we know that whatever happens is the Lord´s will. We have a lot to teach him in the next two weeks, and we are just praying the spirit teaches him better than we ever could. 

Other than that, we had to stay in for 3 days while Hna. Rajapakse was throwing up all day :) She is so funny because she would have a sick face on and come up to me (about two feet shorter than me) and say with puppy eyes, ´´Can we please go work?´´ Sadly, I had to be the companion that followed the nurse´s orders and keep us inside. I think Hna. Rajapakse got a little mad at me for that, but at least now she is better and healthy! ;) 

We also went paintballing for pday today! Basically I got killed tons, and have lots of bruises now. Do not EVER run out into a battle field, thinking you can run faster than flying paintballs!! It doesn´t work.

This week we have been focusing really hard on having the faith to put baptismal dates with people. Our zone conference with President, we talked about how we are here to invite people to come to Christ, and the only way they can do that is through baptism! I pray super hard for Mario!!

Anyway, you guys are awesome! Go find someone golden for the missionaries to baptize this week! They will love you forever!

Hna. McCubbins
Someone wanted to get the tree ready for winter to keep it warm ;) 
Paintballing for P-day

So.... Ironically, we live right in front of a Catholic church... ;)

Hna. Cook doesn't like to take pics when she barely gets out of the shower...

Hna. Rajapakse is SOOOO cute!

We made Chile Deviled eggs one day cuz we didn´t want to eat what the member gave us for lunch..... oily chicken. :)

WE FOUND THE MOTH ON THE LORD OF THE RINGS!! We swear that this was the moth that went to get the eagles for Gandolf.... It was SO cool, and still alive!!

This my ring, to show you how big the moth was ;)

Foggggggg!! Its so thick, you could probably swim through it.

Beautiful day in Talca Chile!!

Awesome Sunset

New House

New House

We found a trash chasm!!

Hna. Rajapaske wasn't as enthusiastic about the trash chasm.

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