Monday, May 4, 2015

:) I am singing in the rain!

This week will be a short one.

I believe in the power of the fast and prayer. We had a special fast to find a family this week. As I was praying (I decided to pray in English to make it more personal) I suddenly started seeing this family, not clearly, but like blurs in my head, and I thought I heard them laughing! It was super different and I wondered if I was going crazy, until after the prayer when Hna. Raj and I looked at each other and she said they are real and exist and we are going to find them because they need the gospel!!

You guys, if I have learned anything on the mission, it is that Heavenly Father answers our prayers when they are sincere, specific and from our hearts. I LOVE prayer now and it increases my faith every day and I feel closer and closer to God. I challenge you guys to pray to Heavenly Father like He is your best friend and just tell Him EVERYTHING! Cuz He wants to know! 

I love you!

Hna. McCubbins

This is Nicol who was baptized last November and we are teaching her and helping her get used to the ward and learn more and more! ;)

Today we learned a little bit of Singhala, which is the language in Sri Lanka, where Hna. Rajapakse was born.

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