Sunday, May 24, 2015

Me Voy a Curico!

(This is Jessica's Mom. Derek, Jessica's brother, was called to the Missouri St. Louis mission this week. He leaves at the end of August. Jessica just found out about it and this is her response to Derek.)

Oh my lovely family. 

I am so excited for all of you! There are some crazy awesome things happening at home and it is actually kind of fun to just hear the news and not experience the stress.... But I love you guys ;) It is SO crazy that Derek is going to Missouri!! Just be ready for the polygamy questions. Also, if your mission is like mine, (which is probably won´t be anything close to it) you might get to learn a different language anyway. Our mission president makes the latinos and brazilenios learn English because it will help them in their future lives, so maybe your mission president will make you guys learn Spanish or something. If you get a Spanish companion, you have to make them teach you their language!! It is super possible to learn a different language in your mission even if you are serving in your native language. Tons of Latinos have gone home speaking like us Gringos, simply because they forced their gringo companions to talk and teach to them! So take that opportunity! It would be awesome! So I have tons of mission tips, what do you want to know? Basically you will learn all the tips from the missionaries around you in the MTC and once you get into the field. The one tip that will help you above all else, is make sure you have the Spirit and FOLLOW the Spirit (you do that by praying and reading the scriptures sincerely). Heavenly Father knows all and will tell you what to do if you aren´t sure. Also, be obedient to ALL the rules. ;) That is pretty much all the tips I can give you. And above all, stay yourself. Don´t turn into a robot and work only for numbers. Remember that every person you baptize, or get back to church, isn´t really your baptism or reactivation. And it wasn´t you who baptized them or reactivated them. Heavenly Father decided to bless you with that experience of being the tool in his hands. Be yourself, recognize your faults, and just keep Christ at your side always, because He will be walking by your side at all times if you let Him ;) I love ya bro! 

You guys have to send me tons of pictures! I miss you guys and want to know anything and everything! Keep it up!

One last thing. I learned a super cool thing about the book of Mormon yesterday. It is the key to our religion, not because it contains all of the truth that God has every revealed to men, but because it contains all the things we need to recieve salvation! Isn´t that cool?? The other books are awesome cuz they have really cool knowledge and other things, but essentially, we could have only the Book of Mormon and still get to the Celestial Kingdom!! It is awesome! Go read the Book of Mormon! I just read it in Spanish all the way and it is amazing!! 

Love ya guys!!

I only got to stay in Talca for one change, but it will stay in my heart! ;)

The man is a converso reciente that just completed a year with his family, but now has gone inactive. So we are helping him get back to church cuz his wife really wants to get to the temple. They are SO cute!!
Name: Hno. Fredi Dominguez.

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