Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FRIOOOOOOO!!!! (Cooooooold!!!)

My dear beautiful family,

I am in Curicò!! So, yeah, I was only in Talca for one change (cambio, I think it is called transfer in english missions?) and really I don`t know why! At first I thought it was because I thought I was a trouble missionary and president needs to put me with good companions so I don`t mess anything up or lead a sector, but I don`t think that is it... ;) I actually really think it is cuz someone here needs Hna. Kinikini and I to teach them the restored gospel so they can enjoy the blessings God has prepared for them!! ;) So yeah.
Wow this week was amazing!! A ton of nuevos were found this week and we are SO excited because one of them came to church, by herself, in the cold, with over 70 years of age, walking!!!! We were so suprised!! She just told us that she knew she was supposed to come to church when we invited her, and so she came!! Oh my goodness I was so happy to see her. She really likes the book of mormon and already a family has invited her to a noche de hogar with them! We have plans to invite her to accept a baptismal fecha and we really hope she will pray about it. She is praying right now about Joseph Smith and the church. Oh it is so amazing!!
We also have the mom of our recent conversa that is LOVING church. She actually asked her husband (menos activo) if they could stay for all 3 hours, which they have never done before. Oh it is so amazing!! We also want to put a fecha with her. We really hope she`ll will accept it. I think she has really noticed a good change in her family, especially in Nicol, her daughter, who just got baptized. I love the mission!!

Anyway, so the mission is pretty awesome when you find people guys... just so you know. 

My companion is Hna. Kinikini. She grew up in West Valley!!! It was so crazy cuz we probably saw each other one time, and just never knew it. Both her parents are from Tonga, so she looks Tongan, but is pura gringa ;) We are having tons of fun and enjoying the mission tons! I am learning tons from her because she has almost 16 months! I might kill her... (which means be her companion when she goes home) and I hope that happens because we work super hard together. She speaks Spanish like she is speaking Tongan, and it is so funny, cuz I think I am picking up her accent.... If I come home sounding like a tongan instead of a chilean, you know why... ;) Also, I LIVE WITH HNA. VORWALLER!!! Oh my goodness, I thought we would never live with each other. It is SO awesome, because now when I tell stories or something, she knows who I am talking about! Hna. Squires is up North in Buin I think. Not sure though.

So it has officially started winter here, I think, because we are FREEZING!! We have bikes here! And at night and in the morning we almost become missionary-sicles! ;) It is awesome, because when we have to travel a little longer than usual, we just start laughing and trying to stay warm by talking to each other, otherwise our faces freeze! It is so awesome. ;)

I heard Derek is going to the mission where Brynn Andersen`s sister, Abbie, is!! That is SO cool! Brynn told me Abbie has only good things to say about the mission, so Derek, you are super lucky to go there. I can`t wait for you! You are going to LOVE the mission. Friendly reminder, read the Book of Mormon ;)

Yeah, so that is the life right now here in Curicò. I love you guys so much! Just so you know, you have to come pick me up when I come home, because I won`t be able to find the house if you don`t... ;) Love you guys!!

Hna. McCubbins

Jessica from before her mission.

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