Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Amazing Mission Life

First off, I would like to say, that the mission life is the awesomest life! ;) It is amazing when Heavenly Father lets you see a little bit of the fruit after you have been planting seeds and caring for plants for a while. This week one of our less actives Karina emailed me and told me her and Diego, her boyfriend who she was living with, got married!! It was amazing to hear because I thought they were never going to get married! She sent me a cute little picture of their little son Joaquin and told me that they are now working to get to the temple!! Oh my goodness it made me so happy!! ;) The mission life is amazing!! I also LOVED seeing the thing about Tanner`s farewell (I, mom, had sent her a screenshot of the Facebook invite.) and started kind of freaking out and showed Hermana Vorwaller, and then she just smiled at me. I think I may have over reacted. But that is the thing, when you see someone at the start of their journey to God, whether it be their first adventure like Tanner, or second for Karina, and then you get to see them progressing and getting closer and closer, it makes you SOOOO happy and excited and hopeful for the future, because you know they will have the faith to help them through the tough times in their life, find happiness and peace in this life, and get to be with their family for ever and find everlasting joy!! It just makes me so excited to see these people I love SO much choose a happier life and way to live!! Es tan bakan!! 

This week also, we were having an awesome time! So I have a couple awesome/funny stories. We have 2 investigators Claudio and Pamela right now, who are READY for baptism. She keeps saying that she just needs an answer and she will go to church and never leave or stop going because she wants her daughter with 6 months to have a life close to God. Claudio told us as he was reading the other day, he kept seeing a yellow light in the side of his eye, but when he looked over, there was nothing. Then he would keep reading and see the light again!! It was SO cool!! They both told us that they believe the plan of salvation is true, because before they thought they were going to be reincarnated and have to live with a different family, and now they have the hope of being together with their cute little daughter for FOREVER!! AHH!! IT IS SO AMAZING!! We invited them to be baptized and they said they feel it is a really big decision and they will have to talk it over and pray. I can`t wait!!! They are golden!

Also, we kind of saw two miracles this week. The first one was kind of scary, and it was a little bit my fault. We were in the city, leaving from a taxi and the driver noticed I left my gloves in the car. He stopped on the side of the road and called out to me on the other side. I waved and waited to cross the road until a car passed. While I was thanking him, a truck had passed behind me and stopped, so I couldn`t see Hna. Kinikini!! Since I like to obey with exactitud, I freaked out and ran around the truck to get back to her, not knowing that a car was passing on the other side. I saw it and she saw me, but just as she was about to hit me, I jumped and Hna. Kinikini said I bent my body in a super crazy way to avoid the car. I landed safely on the sidewalk and breathed super hard! Oh my goodness it was a miracle!! It kind of confuses me because I was being stupid and the car should have hit me! Hna. Kinikini thinks it was a miracle and blessing from God, and I am SUPER grateful He protected me, even though I didn`t really deserve it because I was being stupid. Lesson to learn: don`t be stupid and run into the street. ;)

The other miracle was a little more subtle and happened today. We were waiting in a Notary for Hna. Kinikini to do something for her Visa so she could get ready to go home. While we were waiting, I felt impressed to talk to this lady who was standing by us and kept looking at us. Her name was Natali, and she had never seen missionaries like us. We were super suprised because we have tons of missionaries here in Curicò. She started telling us about her family and how she loves being at home with her kids and that she goes to una iglesia Evangelica. She also likes to sing! She was laughing when me and Hna. K were trying to change the line number to 11 with our fingers and mind powers. We asked if she would like the missionaries to pass by to offer service like cutting her grass or something (we are sneaky and get into houses for lots of different reasons). She kind of avoided the subject so we didn`t get her address. When it was time to go, we said bye and smiled at her. When we left, we were waiting at the light to cross the street (because we learned to not run into the road) and she came running out of the building. We were suprised and she told us she just wanted to say that we have really pretty souls (it sounds a lot less weird in Spanish) and that what we were doing as missionaries was really good and we should never stop doing it. Then she gave us a hug and went back inside. I was so suprised and LOVED it!! I hope the missionaries find her one day! She is super cute!

Well anyway. That time has come again where I must say good bye. I hope you have the chance to share this amazing gospel with someone this week! Nothing else will make you happier! ;) 

Love you guys!! 


Hna. McCubbins

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