Monday, June 15, 2015


Dear Family,

Sometimes you have to have a hard week to distinguish from the super amazing weeks ;) This week everyone must have died from the cold or something because we basically found no one! And everyone was running outside so they didn`t freeze, so they didn`t have time to talk with the Hermanasicles (us) ;) But, we are still having fun and smiling! 

This week, we realized our golden investigators Claudio and Pamela are actually our golden investigator and golden less active ;) We met Pamela`s mom yesterday, and she started talking about how they love the missionaries and how they used to visit them all the time! We suddenly had the impression to ask if they ever went to church. She said that not only had they gone to church, but they were dunked into a little pool of water one time while wearing all white! And she happene to mention that her daughter Pamela also did this...... How awkward right? It reminded Hna. Kinikini of one time where they also found out that one of their investigators was already a member and she just wanted to get baptized again so she could start all over..... If only it were that easy right? ;) We are hoping Pamela just tells us instead of it being awkward trying to get it out of her... Welcome to Chile where every 1 in 5 investigators is a less active ;) How about I put it into perspective. In the ward here in Curicò Alameda, we have 635 members ;) And this last week 104 of them came to church!! ;D Oh Chile, how close you are to my heart.

But anyway, the mission is stilll super awesome! I LOVE it here and wouldn`t want to be anywhere else. Our bishop is super cool, we call him Jim Carey because he just has that sense of humor. We think he is going to be in the seventy one day because one minute he is super goofy and joking around, and the next he is seriously discussing the ward situation with us and what we can do to help members come to church. He is a big help to us and I testify of the bishop being the leader that God wants for the ward. :) 

Anyway, I have homework for you guys this week! Alma 26! I LOVE this chapter, and it really talks a lot about missionary work and rejoicing in God. Yesterday Hna. Kinikini talked about missionary work in Sacrament meeting and something she said really stuck with me. She said if we strive to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ everyday, our desire to share His gospel will grow so strong, we won`t be able to NOT share it with everyone we see! ;) So I encourage you guys to read this chapter, especially verse 12 and think about the Savior and how you can help Him move forward His work. ;) 

I love you guys SO much, and hope you have an amazing Spirit-filled week! 

Hna. McCubbins

(from further conversation/emailing)

I am great! I learn new things everyday and learn to depend on the Savior more everyday. My favorite thing to do is read and study the scriptures! I HATE when the hour runs out and we have to stop studying.... But its okay. After the mission I might shut myself in my room for a week and just study everything ;)

We are sufficiently warm ;) My feet are dry and super good.

I LOVE riding the bikes! I beg Hna. Kinikini to ride the bikes everyday! It makes us less tired and we get places faster and it is a good topic to start talking to people. :) I will miss them if I get changed :(

A picture from before her mission.

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