Monday, June 8, 2015

Heavenly Father is a God of Miracles

So, I must first tell you that whether you believe it or not, God works miracles! No matter where your faith is now, I hope this strengthens your testimony that according to your faith, He can work miracles in your life.

Last night, we were contacting some references a returned missionary had given us, and not having a lot of luck. Hna. Kinikini suddenly gets really annoyed with her hood that has a lot of fur on the hem, and stops the bike, puts her shoulder bag on a nearby fence and starts talking the hood of the jacket. We start talking about something cool like what the prophet was doing right then, or if Christ ever had to experience a Chilean speaking so fast and not breathing that He couldn`t understand them, and after that, we get back on the bikes like the diligent missionaries we are and start heading to the next house. About 10 minutes after that, Hna. Kinikini reaches around to get the phone out of her bag, when she looks at me and realizes her BAG IS STILL ON THE FENCE!!!! We race back, praying with all our hearts it is still there, but just as we expected in Chile at 7 pm at night, it had been taken! Which contained her scriptures, both credit cards, mission and personal, her Chilean license and USA driver`s license, hymn book, house keys, jumpdrive, EVERYTHING!!! She froze, and we decided right there to say a prayer. We had the feeling to keep working and just pray to find it. I thought it was going to be on the side of the road all torn apart, so I kept a look out.

So we keep working and get to our last appointment of the night which is our conversa Nicol, her menos activo dad Jorge, and investigator mom Alejandra. We try to be happy and start the lesson, but Alejandra knew something was wrong. She asked us and we finally just had to tell her. Jorge gave us his phone to call the office to cancel the phone and card so the wicked people couldn`t use it. After that, Hna. Kinikini went to the bathroom, and Jorge told me that it was impossible that we were going to find it, especially in Chile. So Alejandra, being the amazingly sweet lady that she is, made us once (dinner here in Chile, but has more breakfast food and is smaller) with crepes that have jam inside and empanadas, and all of Hna. Kinikini`s favorite foods inside. It was so sweet and we start speculating about the person that took the bag, how they might find the scriptures and read them because they are marked and get baptized in 2 weeks ;)

Then, suddenly, Nicol`s phone rings, and it is an unknown number. The man on the other end asks for a Seletute Catalina, and Hna. Kinikini`s face drops!!! (That is her name.) I can`t believe it, and we both just freeze and speak Spanish!! Jorge takes the phone and the man said he found her bag!! We get his address and take off in Jorge`s big van. On the way there, we can`t believe it and think it is too good to be true. Hna. Kinikini then puts her hands in her pockets and feels the house keys that weren`t there before!!! D: I said that God probably had a sense of humor and was telling us to just trust in Him because He has the keys ;) 

We get there and see these three guys. Jorge suddenly jumps out and screams and hugs one of them!!! It was a long lost friend from their childhood!!!! D: We couldn`t believe it! Perhaps this man Sebastian now needs the gospel and we just had to lose her bag to meet him!! It was SO cool! He hands over the bag and the only things missing were about 40 dollars in cash and her jumpdrive, but that is it!! We thank them tons and overcome the temptation to hug this super nice man who just wanted to do the right thing! We knew it was a miracle because how else would he have called the number from our phone to the exact person whose house we were at?? We finally said good bye and left, amazed and KNOWING that we had just seen a miracle.

I testify to you, that faith is a REAL power. We were praying super hard. And through our faith, Heavenly Father works miracles!! Deep down, we knew we were going to find her bag, and it was just a trial of our faith. I know that God was with us that whole time and He just wanted us to witness this amazing miracle so He could tell us He loves us ;)

I love you guys and hope your faith grew from this amazing experience!! He love you!

Hna. McCubbins

Hermana Kinikini, Hermana McCubbins, Hermana Garcia, Hermana Vorwaller playing on the slide at the park.

Hermana Kinikini and Hermana McCubbins SELFIE!!

Hermana Vorwaller and Hermana Garcia


Let's jump off of this bench and pretend like it's really high so the picture is blurry and our hair goes flying around.
Hermana Kinikini and Hermana McCubbins

We're going to jump like them!! Look at Morgan's vertical!!
Hermana Garcia and Hermana Vorwaller

Recreation of the High Altitude Running Camp (HARC) pole swing!!
Hermana Vorwaller with the HARC pole swing.

"I'm going to take a picture of you taking a picture of me."

Don't let me fall!!!!

.....don't let me fall either!!!

.......this is pretty fun, pretending to fall down a cliff....

I'll save you from falling down the cliff.....or maybe I'll push you down the cliff......
Hermana Garcia and Hermana Kinikini

This is lemon meringue pie, Chilean style....according to Hermana McCubbins....she made it.

Hermana Kinikini
Diego and Karina are both returned missionaries who just got married and are trying to go back to the temple.
Here is what they wrote:
Hola hermanas, Bueno ya estamos casados y felices!!! Cumplimos nuestra primera meta, ahora viene trabajar para el templo. El barrio machali nos hizo una recepciĆ³n super bonita, y nosotros hicimos algo en familia.

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