Monday, June 22, 2015

Crazy Stuff Happens in the Mission!

Dear Family,

So, just so you know, we are now in a trio. Hna. Vorwaller, Gracia and I are working the two sectors here in Alameda. Hna. Kinikini was changed to Rauquen. And that is the news! ;)

So this week I had a really cool experience with a cute member of our ward. Her name is Coni. We went on mini divisions so we could go to all our citas yesterday. She is getting ready for a mission! So it is super cool. While we were in divisions, BOTH of our citas fell. Coni didn`t want to tell me, but I knew she felt super sad that we wouldn`t be teaching anyone. But as we were walking, she noticed a house that she thought was the house of her friend`s cousin. So I said we should contact it! She kind of looked at me like I was crazy and asked if we really could just contact any house we wanted ;) It was so cute. So we called out, and a man came out. He was really rude!! He asked us what we wanted and said he was leaving so he didn`t have a lot of time. Then when we said we were missionaries and wanted to share a message with him, he said he had to put the things on the table to eat once with his family... He contradicted himself ;) So then Coni was REALLY discouraged. But THEN, we called out to this other house and a man came out who was really nice! Actually he was golden, because he had a friend who served in Argentina and recently came back, and Coni knew his friend! It was super cool and we started talking to him. Then we told him he was invited to come to church! He accepted! He actually asked us if he could bring his family too... OF COURSE YOU CAN!! ;) So we are hoping to see them there this next Sunday. He asked us 3 times for the time when church started! (That is how you know someone really wants to go to church). We want to pass by this week and maybe teach him a few things. I can`t wait! 

Another kind of hard experience I had this week was when we invited Alejandra (mom to our recent convert Nicol) to be baptized. SHE SAID YES!!!! And Nicol started crying and her less active husband smiled super big!! Then, we invited her to prepare for the 12th of July. SHE SAID NO!!!! ): It is hard. That is really all I can say. When you feel the spirit that strong, and they say no, they aren`t ready yet, it is SO hard. 

Hey, so I invite you guys to go out with the missionaries! Just tell them you want to go knock on doors with them! ;) You will see miracles and your testimony will be stronger, I promise!!

Love you guys! 

Hna. McCubbins

(Jessica also wrote to her dad for Father's Day. It's in Spanish just for him.)

Querido Papá,

Yo se que ayer era el día del padre, entonces quiero escribirte una carta en español para mostrarte que puedo hablar y escribir en español. Lo siento que tal vez mi gramática es horrible, pero hablo mas que escribo... ;) Ojala que tuviera una buen día ayer porque te amo mucho! Estamos trabajando mucho y casi cada día, pienso en algo que me has enseñado durante mis 19vangelio de Jesucristo. Se que si yo no tuviera tu ejemplo y influencia y apoyo en años de vida. Estoy sumamente agradecido a ti por tus enseñanzas del e mi vida, no estaría aquí en la misión, muy lejos de ustedes. Te amo mucho Papá. Y ¡feliz día del Padre!


Hermana McCubbins and Hermana Kinikini
Hermana Kinikini was emergency transferred this week.

Today is 8 months on the mission for Hermana McCubbins!!

Our president gave us fake tatoos on juice boxes.... :)
(I guess if President gave them to you it's okay!)

Our attempt at no-bake cookies.....
(She has now been provided with a recipe.
Hopefully the next time will turn out better.)

Open mouthed pose......

Tongue stuck out pose.....CLASSIC!!
Okay, so we decided to do something crazy to hair one night. Only because we had to go in at 7 because of the Copa America, where everyone goes crazy watching soccer. We straightened Hna. K`s hair and cornrolled mine ;)

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