Monday, July 27, 2015

Almost Spring!

Dear Family,

This week was good, but I think we are feeling the slump of the change right now. We are at this point where we are just waiting and trying to do all we can to help our investigators keep their committments. Claudio is having a hard time understanding the scriptures so we have been giving him little pieces of paper with specific questions so he can search for the answers in the chapters we leave him. We will see if it has helped at all. Alejandra is down to one cup of coffee and that is only because the other teachers in the school where she works are drinking it!! We were super happy to hear that! She is so awesome and told us that she has decided she wants to get baptized this year, but doesn`t have a date yet. We are going to talk to her about a baptismal date this week. We, as always, are just trying to find new people, people that really actually want to know the truth and are willing to do anything to find it out. That is the hard part.

Hna. Mota and I are super good. We like to have companionship inventory after lessons so that we can figure out what we need to do better. She really pushes me to be better and we are really good friends for that I think.

I am doing good and know that I just need to work and I will have animo and love working. Contacting people especially helps because there are some really nice people who we like talking to. Above all, I just like to be out working our sector. I get kind of frustrated when things like my carnet get in the way of us working, but its okay, I trust in the lord.

This morning we went to the mountains, and I swear, I thought we were in Utah for a second!! Then I saw a piece of pan amasado on the ground, laughed and said, nope, we are in Chile. (Pictures of Pan Amasado will come next week so you know what I am talking about).

Sorry I couldn`t write everyone this week! I am not used to so many people writing me!! I will write you all next week I promise! 

I love you guys!! Hey, read the Book of Mormon and pray with your heart. That is my advice this week ;)

Love, Hna. McCubbins

This bike sign is funny: "It's prohibited to put bikes here"


So this is cool. We stopped on the way to the snow to see this huge monument thing that was super big.

Each pillar had different images that expressed the culture of Chile.

Some of the elders were joking around and trying to relate the images to events in the history of the church like the first vision and recieving the priesthood and the tree of life. :)

These are Chilean mountains... They are ginormous.

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