Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Atonement

(Jessica's Grandpa passed away this week, quite unexpectedly. She was notified by her mission president hours after it happened. This is her response.)

My Dear Family,

Do not worry about me, I am completely fine. When Pres. Warne called me to tell me the news, I WAS shocked and of course sad, but the last few days I have felt a joy and desire to work that I haven`t yet felt in my mission. The minute after I was done talking with President, I came out of the room and finished eating my breakfast. My amazing friend Hna. Vorwaller saw me and insisted on knowing what was wrong. and when I told her, she just hugged me and I was okay. Then, before personal studies, I prayed just that you guys would be okay because if it is hard to lose a grandpa, I can`t imagine how hard it is to lose a dad, or a husband. I am praying for you mom, and for my sweet Grandma. I am grateful for your letters so I can know that you guys are okay. It was funny because when president called me he commented on your email mom and how he was really impressed with how strong you are. He said, your mom really has her act together, and I laughed, agreeing with him. From your letter, I find peace to know that you all are together and that they have an amazing ward to help you guys through this. Above all, I am learning to appreciate the Plan of Salvation and Gospel of Jesus Christ a little more everyday. President talked about how when we say we believe in angels and witnesses on high, we aren`t talking about random beings con nada que ver, but we are talking about our loved ones, whether they are ones who have yet to come to earth, or our loved ones who have left this earth and desire the best for us, but they are angels from our family, watching over us. I have definitely thought about Grandpa a lot these past couple of days, and I think that has made me work harder, so that other people can have the surety that they will see their loved ones again one day. 

I have had an unnormal amount of happiness and excitement lately and my new comp Hna. Mota has asked me what I ate at least 10 times because she thinks I am crazy. I truly believe though that the power of the Atonement is helping me a ton and carrying me through this trial. We actually worked harder that day than I have in a while, and we found a golden family! Their names are Andrea, Javiera, and Antonia, and do you know why they are golden? Because when we invited Javiera to pray after we taught her how, and it was her first time praying ever, her mom Andrea started crying. I can`t WAIT to teach them and go find all the other people here in Curicó who are ready for this gospel!

I really believe in the Atonement you guys. I have been studying it a lot and everyday my hope and faith grow stronger in the Lord. I promise you guys that if you just turn to him, that very second He is at your side, helping you endure to the end. I know it because I have felt His help here in Chile. And if it exists here in Chile, it definitely is there with you guys, my amazing family.

I love you guys SO much and I am grateful for the amazing blessing it is to have you as my family and know we are sealed for time and all eternity so that I never have to truly say goodbye. I can just say, see you later ;) 

Smile this week for me! I will write to you guys next week! LOVE YA!!

Hermana Jessica McCubbins

Jessica pushing her Grandpa on her trike.

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