Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Cup is ALWAYS Half Full :) Also, 9 months went by way too fast

This week was awesome!! We finally had our investigator Claudio come to church!! He and his less active wife Pamela met the bishop and loved the sacrament meeting and then they asked the bishop if he could bless their house and he did! It was so amazing and they want to go to all 3 meetings next week! We are super excited for them. This week we have a plan to invite him to work towards a date of baptism. We are praying super hard that he will accept and keep reading the book of mormon and praying. He is super good.

We also had one of our less actives named Edmundo come to church and earlier in the week we met his wife who is a non member. She is really nice and we want to start working with her to see if she is open to baptism too. Hna. Mota and I have been focusing on finding families that are incomplete, or have only one or two members. It´ll be really cool if Patricia is open to recieve the gospel. 

Also, we have been mainly focusing on finding. Just finding finding finding and not wasting time with people who are not open to us. I have to admit that Hna. Mota is better at this than I am because sometimes I want to give people too many chances to accept the gospel and we end up wasting time on people that are not open to us as representatives of Jesus Christ. We have plans to have noches de hogar with members in our sector and ask for lots of references. We hope this will help us find those people who are ready. 

I am super grateful for my companion Hna. Mota. She is super dedicated to this work and pushes me to be better everyday. We love to put metas and talk about what we could do to push the work forward. We have noticed that our personal experiences bring the spirit into our lessons so we are working on that. We also are passing by all our investigators, giving out candies to keep daily contact with them, but being careful to not have them feel like they are being pressured into accepting the gospel right away. 

I am focusing a lot on becoming a Preach My Gospel missionary because I have realized that there are a lot of things that I lack. I read PME every moment I have spare time and sometimes wish there was more time to study. But the mission is super good. I love it a lot. 

Did I tell you I love my companion? Because I love her! She is Hna.Mota from Brasil and is SO funny. She makes me almost die of laughing everyday. I am helping her learn english and every other day is english day! She says ``I hate english day``and I have been starting to agree with her! Sometimes we end up just speaking Spanish and forget that it is english day ;) She knows a lot of random english phrases that are super funny and whenever she says something out of the blue, Hna. Vorwaller looks at me as if had taught her the phrase, and I just laugh! I don`t teach her weird phrases! :) Hna. Mota has been trying to decide whether she is going to live in the States after the mission because she really wants to learn english. I don`t know if this was okay, but I told her she could live in my room if she wanted.... ;) She can`t decide though. 

Oh hey! I just remembered that its Lindsey`s birthday this week! I can`t believe you are a teenager now! That is so crazy girl! You are growing so fast. This might be embarrasing, but I remember changing your diapers... ;) I love you so much Lindsey! You are so beautiful and are going to be an amazing 13 year old, I just know it! I have a present for you, well for all of you guys. I might send them home with my companion Hna. Kinikini who lives in West Valley. She said she could bring a package to you guys and she ends her mission in August. She really wants to meet all of you so keep a look out for her! ;) I hope you guys like things from Chile ;) I love you Lindsey! Keep on smiling away and bearing your testimony in sacrament meeting! You have an amazing testimony and I love to hear it. You are amazing!

I hope you all have an amazing week and remember to look at the cup as half full ;) 

Love you!

Hna. McCubbins

Hermana Moto and Hermana McCubbins

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