Monday, August 24, 2015

10 MONTHS??? Hna. Araujo pointed out that now I have two digits in my age... :(

So this week was super good. We found a new family that consists of a mom and dad that are married with a 5 month old daughter! They are super amazing and the mom accepted a fecha to be baptized the 26th of September if she recieves an answer. She read her last compromiso, so we are super excited for her to start reading the book of mormon! Our fecha with Marcela fell last week because she didn´t come to church the last Sunday, but she came yesterday, so we are going to reinvite her this Martes! Marcela is AMAZING!! Yesterday she bore her testimony of the Book of Mormon to Presidente de la Rama and saludó a todas las personas. Then when we were leaving Sociedad de Socorro, she went and hugged ALL of the hermanas! It was so cool because she has SO much faith in the Lord and really felt like the capilla was where He wanted her to be! I can´t even believe how much she is progressing! It is almost like she is teaching herself and we are just guiding her to what she needs to know to be baptized! I am so excited for her and just praying that she keeps reading because she is growing so much. She reads everything that we leave her and also wanted to have a lesson with some other hermanas as well. Hna. Celia thought she was a member already! It was super amazing to see how powerful the Book of Mormon is with someone who truly is seeking the truth. She is an escogida and I feel so priviledged to teach her.

Hna. Araujo and I are doing really good. We are good friends because we both want to work and get excited when we see progress in the people we are teaching. One thing that is worrying me a little is that she has been here so long that she is kind of getting bored. I asked her what I could do to help, and so we have a goal to work with more animo and get to know the members in different ways than the usual: How long have you been a member? How many kids do you have? Things like that, because she knows everyone and knows almost everything. So we have a goal to ask interesting questions with everyone and gain their confidence. There are a lot of members here that are super willing to help us and it makes me excited to work!

I am doing really good right now. I love to study and if president extended personal study time to 2 hours, I don´t think I would complain... :) I really love to read the Book of Mormon because of the change I have seen in Marcela. It is so powerful this book and I can´t believe how much knowledge I gain everytime I sit down to read. And even if I don´t read something new, or learn something new, the Spirit helps me to see old concepts and principles with new eyes and it edifies me to the point where I just want EVERYONE to read it! And it isn´t just my study in the Book of Mormon that really excites me, but being diligent in all my studies, including Spanish. I have gotten to the point in my mission where I understand 99 percent of what people say and can sometimes talk in a Chilean accent if I desire. But I have noticed that the Spirit truly empowers my ability to communicate with people when I take those 30 minutes every morning to study even a little concept about Spanish. It is AMAZING!
Also this week we went and sang for a group of people with special needs for a sister in our rama. It was SO awesome because we were singing for people that can´t do a lot on their own and it made them SO happy. It was funny though because two ladies were blind and they were the lemons of the bunch because they never smiled. They´re named Maria and Andrea and I successfully made them smile!! But then Maria asked me if I had any cheese and when I couldn´t find any, she went sour again. But I gave them both a big hug and I hope they keep smiling. Almost our whole zone sang for them, and though it wasn´t Mormon Tabernacle Choir status, it WAS Heaven status. I couldn´t stop smiling! ;) It was awesome.
Oh my goodness!! I can´t believe Derek is a missionary!! That isn´t even fair! And those pictures that you sent me make him and Scotty look like men!! I kind of went crazy when I saw them and Hna. Araujo gave me a confused look. That is SO awesome that he´s a missionary! The mission is awesome and these next 2 years are going to change you like you could never believe!! The Lord truly makes us into who He needs us to be and that is the measure of our potencial! It is super cool because in the mission, we are helping people to start this process and in the mean time, the Lord is helping us to progress as well! And He does it with trials and difficulties so that we learn to rely on Him more and more. I can´t wait for you to get out to the field! It is so awesome! If you have any questions or doubts or concerns, just ask your big shorter sister Hermana McCubbins ;)
Anyway I love you guys tons. I hope you have tons of fun this week and grow in the Lord a little more than ever before!

Hermana McCubbins
P.S. SORRY!! I didn´t have the stuff that I was going to send with Hna. Kinikini when she left! But I do have stuff for you guys. I will just have to send it with someone else, like Hna. Hellbusch ;D She comes home around my birthday I think...
P.P.S. I recieved the two packages with the dresses and sweaters! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I LOVE new clothes.
P.P.P.S. I love you! :)

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