Monday, August 17, 2015


Dear Sweet Beautiful Family of Mine,

So I am really adjusting to the Centinela Branch. It is very different from Curicó, but it reminds me a lot of Tupahue, so I like it. The branch is super nice and our president is really good. We have a lot of members that are super willing to help us in lessons and come with us. I think that has a lot to do with Hna. Araujo´s work here. She is super diligent in calling a member for every cita fija that we have. We have a really good relationship with the branch and it is helping us a lot. 

This week we invited one of our recent investigators to a baptismal date, and she accepted! Her name is Marcela de Jesus, and she is super awesome. She always reads her compromisos, and if she doesn´t understand, she reads again until she comprehends!! She told us this week that she feels a warm feeling in her heart when she reads the Book of Mormon and it helps her with her depression that she is fighting. We are working to get a member to come with us on our cita with her this Martes. She is super cute and really is searching for the Lord´s Church. 

Hna. Araujo and I get along really well. She works hard and is obedient, and we both strive to invite the Spirit when we are teaching. It is amazing to me that she is a convert! The other day we helped in Primary a little bit and the sister who was teaching asked Hna. Araujo to relate the story of Jesus Christ after He was resurrected. She turned to me, worried and said she didn`t study that because she has been trying to learn the Book of Mormon. It was super humbling to me because growing up in the church I know all the stories of Jesus, and I kind of took that for granted. But she is so amazing to come out on a mission, with just the desire to learn, and trust in the Lord that He will help her. She has a goal to read chapters in the Bible more so she can learn more about Christ. She is so awesome!! 

I am doing good so far. This morning in Personal Studies I really had the Spirit because as I was reading the scriptures, I was just amazed by the things I was learning. I read Helaman 3:29-30 and it blew my mind. I couldn´t believe how powerful the promise of reading the scriptures is, to land us on the right hand of God! It is super awesome. We are going to use that scripture to help a less active member start to read his scriptures everyday with his family. ALL of you guys should read that scripture. I was freaking out this morning and I think Hna. Araujo was a little worried for me... :)

I can´t believe that Jenna recieved her mission call!! Did I tell you that I screamed in the Ciber and everyone stopped to look at me?? I might be a little crazy... On one hand I am almost dying of excitement. On the other I am SUPER sad that I won´t get to see Jenna for like 2 or 3 years.... :( But the mission is awesome! I recommend it to everyone. 

My companion Hna. Araujo is SUPER amazing. She is from Brasil and a convert of about 3 years? I don´t know how many. She was the first one baptized in her family!! And then her primo and then her mom. She is SO cool and can´t even describe it. The funny thing is that she has a little bit harder time with the language! It is cool because she has a strong Portugese accent and it´s rubbing off on me!! ;D Why is that cool?? Because I feel like it is better to have a portugese accent than a gringo accent. She also says algunas palabras brasileñas, which is funny because I actually understand her sometimes because Portugese is so close to Spanish, and because a lot of words are similar to English words too. At the end of this change, I am going to be Brasileña, I just know it. 

Oh hey, so one of the members here has a son in the States, and she is going to go visit him in Utah! She offered to take a letter to you guys when she lands, so keep a look out for her. She speaks English with a really heavy accent, but I am sure Dad can help her. She is SUPER funny and super sweet, but I forgot her name. That is what kind of sucks about being in a new area, is that you have to learn about a bajillion names and it is super hard!!

Oh and hey, I FORGOT TO WISH DEREK A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And then the week after that I FORGOT AGAIN!! Sorry Derek! Your older sister really does love you, I promise!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR DECIDING TO GO ON A MISSION!! You are going to rock it and even though I can´t remember where it is, you are going to be awesome there (sorry!! I can´t remember anything at this moment. If I don´t write it down, I forget al tiro). That is so crazy that you are an Elder! You have to write me in the mission and I will give you ALL the advice you could ever want, and all the super awesome mission talks you have to read ;) You are super awesome and will love the mission, just wait ;) 

Anyway, I think this letter is long enough. I hope you all have an awesome week this week, and if you want you can go read ´´Is it still Wonderful to You?´´ By Bishop Causse in the Conference this last April. It is almost my favorite. I can´t wait for next conference!! 

Love you all!!  Hermana McCubbins

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