Monday, August 31, 2015

Small Things, BIG Miracles

Let me just start with this idea. The smallest of things make the biggest of differences. If you just think about it, the impressions of the Spirit are TINY!! But if we truly listen and follow them, we become great instruments in the hands of the Lord.

This week was super good. We found 4 new investigators which is super cool. Two of them are SUPER catholic, but really receptive in the sense that they understand we are missionaries, and are willing to at least listen to us and read what we give them. They were so impressed with what we shared with them that they want to give us lunch next Sunday... We are excited for them. We also found a former investigator who is 17 and her mom. Valentina, the daughter, came to church yesterday! She is super sweet and she says she has never come to this church before, but she feels more tranquila when she is in the church. Also, there are 3 of her neighbors who are in the mujeres jovenes and she felt really comfortable with them. Already they have invited her to the next mutual activity and she really wants to go. We are excited for her and are going to invite her to baptism this week. She was a little miracle this week from our divisions.
Marcela our other investigadora that had a fecha didn´t come to church yesterday because she had visitas. We were sad, but hope she´ll understand el Día de Reposo this next week when we teach her. She is still super awesome and she actually read in the Principios del Evangelio book about Ayuno and Diezmo before we taught her them! It was super cool because all we had to do was answer a couple of her questions and she accepted it all! She asked if she could fast and pay tithing before baptism! It was so cool and she is so willing to follow all the commandments of God! We are going to invite her to a new fecha this week also. 

I love you guys SO much. I hope that you remember that Christ, our Great Lord and Redeemer was born in the most humble of circumstances and that even a prophet has said that He never had much in His life. But He impacted the world in more ways than we will ever know in this life and changed the lives of MILLIONS of people. I love Him so much and I hope you guys remember that it doesn´t matter how small you think you are, or how insignificant you feel, because He loves you and with Him, you can make an impact on millions of people as well. This is an invitation to share the gospel! Just think about this, if you help even just ONE person to be baptized and converted the the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that person will maybe go on a mission, maybe baptized TONS of people, and then get married in the temple and have children in the convenant and go on to become just like our Heavenly Father with TONS of kids. It is SO awesome missionary work! I invite you all to go just do one small thing to help another to accept this gospel. And He promises your joy will be full. 

I love you guys!

Hna. McCubbins

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