Monday, December 7, 2015

Hot, but Awesome Weeks

Dear Family,

This week was super hot, and I loved it!!
We worked super hard, and I loved it!!
We felt the spirit tons, and I loved it!!
We testified of our Savior, and I loved it!!

This week we had a lesson with a less active named Rodrigo. He was the one I said would go on a mission. Well, he didn´t come to church because he stayed out until 6 in the morning partying!! We were SO disappointed. And he hadn´t read nor prayed. We started the lesson with the new christmas video about how the world would be without our Savior. We asked him if he believed Jesus was his Salvador, and honestly, he told us he wasn´t so sure. But then he asked the golden question of the century: ¿Qué puedo hacer para saber que Él es my Salvador? or in other words, What can I do to know that He is my Savior? En serio, that was my FAVORITE part of the lesson. I recognized that he was lacking in faith and all we had to do was testify of Jesus and the power of prayer and the Book of Mormon. He promised to read and pray that night. When we called to follow up on his tarea, he said he read and read a little more!!! And, this is my favorite part also, he said he felt something different!! HE FELT THE SPIRIT!! To be completely honest, after we hang up the phone, we started jumping up and down completely happy and excited for him!! It was SO awesome!! I can´t even to begin to describe how happy we are when the people complete their committments and feel the Spirit. He is going to serve a mission and change LIVES!! 
The other awesome thing that happened was that a less active hermana, who I thought was never going to progress, started reading the book of mormon all by herself!! We saw her in the street one day and she was more than happy to tell us that this time when she started reading, she actually understood what it was saying!! We were SO happy!!
The other other awesome thing that happened was that we had a family home evening with our convert family and a family of less actives because they are friends. We showed the videos of Christmas and talked about how the world would be without Christ. It was SUPER spiritual and the games we played after were SUPER fun, but that isn´t all. The next day in testimony meeting, the hermano of the less active family got up and bore his testimony about how much that fhe helped him!! It was a tender mercy for me and my comp. Then the convert family, both of the parents, got up and bore their testimonies, also tender mercy!! I ALMOST cried. ;) 

So that was my week. I hope you guys had a week full of miracles too. And if you didn´t, go out and make your life in such a way that there are miracles everyday. You just have to open your eyes and they are there. Love you!!

Hna. McCubbins

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