Monday, December 28, 2015


Dear Family,

I LOVED talking to you guys so much. Thanks for the family prayer, I miss those. I hope you LOVED Christmas, because Hna. Ribeiro and I definitely loved it. There is a true spirit during the Christmas time that softens the heart of the people. This week, we invited 9 people to be baptized!! It was SO awesome. Only 2 accepted dates, but that is okay. Our purpose is to invite, and we did that! It was so cool because when we invited them, we felt the love of the Savior there and knew that it was really Him, not us, that was inviting these people to change their lives and follow Him.

The two baptismal dates we have are named Bernarda and Jorge. They are super nice and like to listen to us. They accepted on the condition that they recieve their answer before the 23rd of January. Today we are going to go teach them about the Restauracion and the authority and power of God and what really was the apostasy. It was so cool because this morning, when we did our practices in comp study, I was testifying of the fact that they can pray to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ and He will answer their prayers. It was SO amazing because when I said ´´en el nombre de Jesucristo´´ I felt the Spirit testify to us the truthfullness of those words, and the true power that come when we use that name in the right way. It surprised me that we could feel the Spirit so strong in just a practice, but I feel like it was God telling us He will be there testifying through us. I LOVE following the Spirit ;D 

So this week I actually have a couple of awesome stories. First, we found a complete family!! Mom, Dad, they are married which is a miracle, and FIVE sons!!! It was SO amazing because when we taught them in the first lesson, the Spirit testified to them that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and now the parents and their two older sons all want to read the book of Mormon. We gave them 5 ;D So each could read. It was cool because Hna. Ribeiro had contacted them before, but now was their time. The bad thing is that they are going to be in Santiago for the rest of January, so we are praying that missionaries knock on their door, and that they read the BoM. As we were filling out their registro for the carpeta, I was writing about their sons, and I suddenly had a feeling ALL FIVE WOULD BE MISSIONARIES one day. I turned to my comp and told her and the Spirit also told her the same thing. I LOVE the Spirit. 

We also taught a new investigator named Alejandra who has the desire to be baptized, but she is living with a man who isn't the most faithful and doesn't want to get married, but she has two daughters and doesn't want them to grow up without a dad. I couldn´t believe the love she has for her daughters!! We testified to her that the power of prayer is real and God would give her the answer she needs. I wanted to tell her to dump the guy, but we followed the Spirit :) 

Now, a couple of funny stories. One morning (the mornings are super hard because hardly anyone wakes up before 12 if they aren´t working) we weren´t finding anyone who wanted to talk to us. I turned to my comp and said, its okay we are going to find un milagro (miracle), and we kept searching. Then, she remembered a future, but had forgotten this woman´s name, but they had given her our phone to call her daughter because she was locked out of the house. When we passed by and I asked the lady her name.... she says, Milagro. D: I just look up to the sky and laugh. I know that God has a sense of humor, while at the same time truly leads us to the people who will listen, because even though she couldn´t receive us then, she told us to come back!

The other funny story is that we were in divisions one day and were contacting at the end of the day to take advantage of every minute we have to serve the Lord. We called at one house and a man came out and started talking to us. I thought he was drunk, but he just talks slow. As we were talking and explaining who we are, he suddenly starts saying he doesn't like churches. Then, he says I don´t believe in Jesus. And at that moment, the wind blew and his door shut behind him!! He didn't have keys and his fence was also locked so he couldn´t leave! It was SO funny because we told him it was a sign he needed to come to church! After a while, my comp realized that he had a side window open, so he could enter and be safe, but it was pretty funny. Be careful what you say. 
Well, anyway, that was my awesome week. I love the mission and the chance to learn every day. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and that you found someone to serve :) Have an awesome week!

Love, Hna. McCubbins

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