Monday, January 18, 2016

Más Milagros!! (Many Miracles!!)

Dear Family,

This week was super amazing!
Here is part of my letter to president,

To President,
This week was super amazing!! We worked SO hard and saw a lot of miracles. One, we passed by a future investigator named Carolina, who turns out to be part of a complete catholic family. But she wanted us to pass by her abuela who started to talk about her depression and that she recently lost her husband, but that she has a lot of faith in God. I thought at the beginning that she was going to be a typical little catholic lady who really doesn´t want to change, just likes that we visit her, but then when we offered to sing her a song, we sang Conmigo Quédate Señor, and she started crying. She then seemed more open and we taught her how to pray. Then, she told us she felt we were sent from Heavenly Father because she hadn´t been able to go to her church for her hips and had been praying for someone to come teacher her. We listened and started How to Begin Teaching. Then, we talked about how she would have a desire to be born again, o sea, be baptized in the church of Jesus Christ, and she said she wanted to!! We invited her to prepare for the 20th of Feb. and she accepted! She is going to pray to soften the hearts of her family so they will let her, and we are going to find a member that can take her to church. It was a miracle morning and it ended in all 3 of us crying. The Spirit was SO strong and we were so awestruck.

Also, another miracle was that 3 of our investigators, a family, came to church, and LOVED IT! They are named Bernarda, Jorge and Ignacio. Ignacio especially loved it because one of the jovenes invited him to go to the other classes and they invited him to the youth camp that they are going to have. Before, they told us they were only going to be able to stay for one hour, but they ended up staying all three hours! It was a miracle!

This week Hna. Ribeiro and I are determined to just work as hard as we can. José, one of our investigators, is going to get baptized this Saturday and he is super excited. It is another little miracle because he is understanding a lot more of what we teach now and his testimony is rock solid. He is F3, and we are just going to go over all the baptismal questions to make sure he is SUPER prepared.

Also, this week is the last week of Hna. Ribeiro´s mission. She is going to be back in Brasil next Tuesday!! That is so crazy to think about, especially she basically has profesied that I am going to live in Brasil one day with her. We are going to work super hard just so she can go out with a bang!! I love her so much! Actually this morning I was studying about marriage this morning to help one of our less active who is a little discouraged because she had an unfaithful husband, twice!! We are going to talk about the family with her and me di cuenta de que we need to LOVE our companions!! Right now it is Hna. Ribeiro for me, but for all of you at home, that is your spouse, or your parents and brothers and sisters! Just LOVE them TONS!! Do service for them, make them food, tell them you love them, anything!!

I love you guys SO much. Have a week full of miracles!!

Hermana McCubbins

We went paintballing!! It was awesome. I have a big bruise on my thigh!!

Hna. Nilsa makes the BEST bread ever. It is called Pan Amasado.

Also, I tamed a crazy dog that was going to bite us!! Love is ALWAYS the answer.

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