Monday, January 11, 2016


Dear Family,

So, this week was amazing, and I wrote to President about what happened so here is a little of what I wrote to him.

Letter to President:
This week was full of work. We weren`t able to work in our sector for a few days because of the trip to the temple, but we had even more energy to work in our sector and we saw two amazing miracles! One is that the little abuelito named Josè accepted a baptismal date and is completing with all of his commitments, trying to read the BoM even though his glasses aren`t very good. He understands the basics, but has a testimony super strong that this is the true church. Also, we were going to have to drop one of our investigators because she wasn`t progressing at all and in fact started sleeping in one of our lessons, but we called her and she said she was trying to read the BoM but wasn`t understanding, so we invited her to take notes as she was reading. The next day when we went to visit her, she had been reading the Restauraciòn folleto and had prayed for about a half hour because something scary happened. She didn`t tell us what, but she felt a lot more peace and now is SUPER interested in listening to us and actually wants to come to church next Sunday with her husband and son!! It was a change super drastic and I know it was the Spirit that changed her heart. No one else could have done that. Now they are progressing once again and we have a TON of animo to work super hard.

To explain a little, Hna. Ribeiro had to go to the temple because she is ending her mission and I went to a different sector to work for 3 days. It was fun and amazing because we saw miracles, but it was also hard because I just wanted to be in my sector working and helping our investigators. What was super fun was that I got to see some of the converts that I helped with Hna. Rajapakse in Talca La Florida that were less active, and right before I left the inactive hermano promised me he would return to church. Well, I got to verify his promise and found out that he is President of the Young Men and they are going to get sealed in May!!! It was a tender mercy that I got see because that sector was super hard and I was happy to see that all of our work paid off a tiny bit. Or maybe a lot of bit ;D

In that sector over in Talca, I worked with two super new missionaries, and it was such an eye opener. It brought back memories of when I was just starting the mission! One had 6 months in the mission and the other 2 months, in her training. I couldn`t believe the changes I could see in myself and what I used to be like. It is something that can`t really be explained, just experienced. I feel like I have a lot more confidence in Heavenly Father now and I listen to the Spirit a lot more than I did before. It is such a small change, but makes a HUGE difference. My invitation this week is to just do all you can to be obedient to everything God tells us. That truly is the way He molds us and makes the necessary changes so we can become like Him one day. I was reading in the 2000 stripling warriors this morning and it says that because of their EXACT obedience, not one of them died in the war. Yes, they got super hurt, and a lot fainted from loss of blood, but none of them died!! If we are exactly obedient, and have faith in God, we will be wounded by the adversary, but God promises us that he will not have the power to kill us ;D I love you all SO MUCH!! Have an amazing week.


Hermana McCubbins

This picture is from the start of her mission. She is eating her first completo. Now she is a seasoned missionary who doesn't send pictures of herself eating food. Oh how far she's come.

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