Friday, November 13, 2015

No se ponga Trunky

Dear Family,

I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Baby Kate!! Love ya girl!! I didn´t forget about you, I just didn´t remember in the moment. But I remembered that day ;) And we actually saw a miracle that day! My new companion Hna. Révolo and I went to visit some old investigators and they were super receptive!! So we had a lesson with them and invited them to get baptized the 28 of November. They accepted! They just need to get married and then they can get baptized. So we are super excited for them. I think it was a miracle just because it was your birthday, Kate ;D I hope you had an amazing day. I can´t exactly remember how old you are.... but it can´t be older than 5 years right?? ;D (Love ya mom).
And also, I have to say Happy Birthday to Dad too. I DO remember how old you are, but don´t worry, you aren´t that old. People always ask me here how old you and mom are when they see our family fotos and I tell them and they are surprised. Its because here, the pattern is that people wait to have kids, then have only two or three, with a lot of years in between their kids, because it is SUPER expensive to have kids here for some reason... So don´t worry, you are super young for a dad that has a 20 year old daughter ;D I hope you have an amazing day and that all your dreams come true ;)

This was an awesome week! I LOVE being back in Curicó. I have been seeing some people in my old sector Alameda and once the word spreads that I am super close, I am sure lots of people are going to come visit. It is an awesome city and I am super excited to work with Hna. Révolo. My Spanish gets better every single day and now we are going to try and teach her English.... if I can remember it... But anyway...

I love you guys tons!! Hey, if you have a missionary experience this week, write me about it!! Just read the quote down below... That is all I have to say ;D

Love, Hna. McCubbins

Inline image 1

This is my new companion Hna. Revolo from Peru. She has 3 months in the mission,
straight out of training, and SUPER amazing. 

We went up the big hill in Curico like we did last time I was here in the city. It was AWESOME!

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