Monday, November 2, 2015

Take the Heat

Dear Family,

Thanks for all the pictures! I love to see your faces! I received changes and I will be going back to Curico!! But to a different barrio called Rauquen that is right next door. It was super hard to say bye to everyone in Centinela, but I also am super used to changing now. This will be my sixth sector and 14th companion ;D It is awesome and hard at the same time. 

This week was super cool. In sacrament yesterday I was writing people in my agenda who didn´t come to church so we could go visit them later. I wrote down Hno. Silva who is super awesome and I was super sad he didn´t come. But then, right before the sacrament, HE WALKED IN!! I was SO happy, and then without wanting to, I started crying because I had just been praying that he would come. His family is so awesome and his wife especially wants to get sealed, but he needs to come and recieve a testimony first. I just had tears in my eyes when he walked in and couldn´t hold back my joy! That is the mission life, you get super happy if you see even a little progress in someone! I know they are gonna get sealed one day! 

I am going to miss Hna. Darrington and Hna. Silberman. They are probably the only two hermanas that could have made a trio work in the mission. This was one of my favorite changes and I grew SO much. We might have to go visit Brazil... ;)

Anyway. I love you all. I hope you guys uplift someone with loving words this week and just give them a big hug! Fill the world with Christ´s love!! 

Hna. McCubbins

This is my second family here in San Fernando. Fernanda just got back from a mission in Colombia and is trunky for the mission (when you miss it really bad). 
We are helping the hermano get back to church by reading the book of mormon every day!
They are so cute!

These are two menos activos that we are helping to get re activated. Marcia, the mujer, is preparing family names for the temple and Mariela, the joven, is preparing to go to the temple! They are super awesome!

Awesome family too. Hermana Elizabeth is one of the most consecrated members I have met. She leads the music in sacrament, Pres of Mujeres Jovenes, teaches seminario, and used to be in charge of the Liahona. AND she, unlike a lot of people, finds time to go to the temple every month, despite having a full time job and being the mom of two kids with her husband less active. She needs a medal!

We went to Santiago!!! Hna. Silberman had some health problems so we went to the doctor up there. We got to visit the temple a little!! It was so awesome. Go to the temple this week!! All of you! ;D
There are some that don´t get to go for a year and a half...

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