Monday, November 23, 2015

The Most Unlucky Number in the World

Dear Family,

This week was AWESOME!! I don´t know what it is, but I have a TON of energy and just want to talk to EVERYONE. I think it may be bothering my companion a little bit, because sometimes I cant sleep, I am just thinking about all the people in our sector and how they are progressing and want to find new people and the ward is awesome, I just LOVE it!! Can I just be a missionary for forever?? 

This week, we found a less active who was baptized two years ago and then moved to Santiago where is was studying and never went back to church. But then he moved back here to Rauquen with his mom and sister and dad (all less actives) and when we passed by to help out his family, we met him. He is awesome!! He has a ton of animo to return to church and do things right. We shared Mosíah 2:41 and shared about how working towards heaven is like climbing a mountain. He was paying attention and participating while his mom and sister were a little distracted. I had the distinct feeling that he his going to be a missionary!! (Has 23 years). And right after the lesson, we practically FLEW to a members house of a return missionary who came back maybe 5 months ago to tell him he needs to be Rodrigo´s friend!! I was SO excited I could barely contain it!! I KNOW he is going to serve a mission, and change the lives of a TON of people. He said he is going to come to church and the YSA activity this Friday. I CANT WAIT!!

(Sorry, I got super excited and accidentally sent the email without finishing. But yeah, that was cool.) 

I think this sector mostly excites me because there are new families moving in everyday and they are young families. It is a LOT easier to help young, willing hearts change than old, stuck in their ways catholic hearts. I just want to talk to everyone and help them experience all the blessings that Heavenly Father has for them!! Hey, you guys need to go share the gospel with someone this week, you could change a life!!! ;D

So... I just had a revelation, and I think my energy that I have has been coming from reading the book of mormon again. We need to read it before the end of January and I, being a book of mormon nerd, am ahead of schedule and LOVING what I learn everyday. I just want to read my whole personal study, but I cant do that. Have to prepare for investigators too. So, if you want a ton of energy, so much that you can barely contain it, read the Book of Mormon, Ok?? I PROMISE that the Spirit will be poured out into you life more than you could EVER imagine!! 

You guys are awesome. Eat lots of turkey and mashed potatos and stuffing for me. Get this, there is a family here in the ward where the dad is gringo and they lived in Utah for 7 years!! So they know how to Thanksgiving, and they invited us to a Thanksgiving lunch (since lunch is the biggest meal here) and they are going to do it American style!!! I am SO excited I can´t even contain it. 

I love you all a TON!! Read Jacob 7 and pay attention to when it says their lives where like dreams. I had a mind blown this morning!! This life goes by SO fast, so enjoy EVERY MOMENT!! And laugh more than you cry or get mad, it is the best therapy.


Hna. McCubbins ;D

Hna. Sandra. It was her birthday. Her husband is SO funny and they have the cutest little boy named Oscarito. I accidentally said Oscarcito one time and they laughed a ton.... ;D Oh, and here is my companion too. Hna. Révolo de Peru ;D She is AWESOME!!

Our apartment complex, just to show you guys how protected we are. ;) 

Our crazy Zone. This is probably one of the best zones I have been in. We are SUPER united.

This is the view from our apartment. It is awesome!!

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