Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sunburns and Bloceador

Dear Family,

This week was SO hot, and just from the sun ;D Here in Rauquen, the work is super good. We have 8 recent converts that we are working with to help them get involved with the ward, and there is a HUGE attack from Satan right now. I dont have a lot of time, but just remember, family is the MOST important, especially your heavenly family, like Heavenly Father and your big brother Jesus Christ. Do EVERYTHING you can to keep family unity and strong in the church TOGETHER. Family prayer, family scriptures, family home evening EVERY week, going to church and even going to the temple, ALL are ways to win the battle against Satan. It is SO much fun to have a happy family, and especially as a missionary, it makes me SO happy to see a strong, complete family, sealed together in the temple and with their eyes fixed on the celestial goal, willing to do EVERYTHING they can to get there together. There is no room in the Celestial Kingdom for selfish people who only help themselves to get there. If we are not helping our brothers and sisters, especially in our direct families get back to God, I am convinced we will not be found worthy to enter into His presence. God put us into families for a reason. :D I love you all. Give your family a HUGE hug this week, or  a mind hug if you are far away from them. I love you family!!

Hna. McCubbins

EXTRA MESSAGE: Right now, I am not really concerned at all right now. Maybe just helping my companion to not flirt with the elders because she is new and doesnt completely understand where the line is yet between good relationship and flirty relationship with the elders. But it is good. I am also starting to realize that after this change, I will only have 3 more changes left in the mission and that makes me super sad, but super energetic and I want to be out working ALL the time!! I have a saying right now that we work hard, rest hard, eat hard and play hard. We do everything to the max and just love it all! I LOVE contacting, I LOVE inviting people to baptism, and I LOVE reading the scriptures, I LOVE going to church. I gave a talk this last Sunday about the Book of Mormon and I LOVED the spirit that I felt as I talked about how it changes our lives, this amazing book. So that is really what is going on.

These lovely ladies at Jessica's farewell. They helped to make he who she is.

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