Monday, March 28, 2016


Sorry to anyone who may read this letter, but it is specifically for the best mom in the whole entire world.

Hey, I just wanted to write you and congratulate you on completing 25 years of age!! ;D You are really the best mom on earth. If you don´t believe it, just look at your first two kids, both are missionaries serving the Lord and working hard to bring His children unto Him. :) I love you SO much. You have supported me in EVERYTHING I have wanted to do that has been good and even more than support me, you have been my best friend in every single moment.

This week we have been helping a less active family that is going through some tough things. The mom said that the missionaries never gave her a Book of Mormon of her own, so we gave one to her and she has been reading every day!! Which is a miracle because she never got past the 4th grade and doesn't like to read. She even told us that they have been reading in the family too!! It was a small miracle that blew me away and it gave me hope that her kids will be like your kids one day. Your example and love for the gospel and loyalty to the Lord for your whole life have impacted me in ways I am still discovering.

Thanks mom for being my mom and my best friend. I know I don´t say it enough, but I love you :) I know my Savior thanks to you and dad. I stayed active in church thanks to your stubbornness and love and support and willingness to listen to me. I went on a mission because I knew you would support me 100% and even now I can keep serving because I feel safe in the fact that you are rooting and praying for me. I love you mom :) Thanks for everything and being a disciple of Christ for 25 years of life ;D 


Your Shacka Lacka ;D

A ladybug landed on me!! Here they are called Maraquitas... I think ;D 

Hermana Sarmiento made us lunch... She is SO cute!!

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