Monday, March 7, 2016

Airplanes and Dads

Dear Family,

Miracle for the week: two less actives we have been teaching came to church this week!! Marcia and Sebastian are super awesome, a little crazy, and at one time they were super active, but their faith got a little weak and they fell away. But they came this Sunday! That was probably the coolest thing that happened this week. We also went to Rancagua for a meeting for the new missionaries and they talked a lot about being consecrated missionaries. I realized that being a consecrated missionary is just acting on our love for the Lord. If we truly have love for Him, then we obey the mission rules, and we serve the way He would serve. It is as simple as that :) 

This morning during companionship study we were talking about a family that has been having problems between the dad and his son (one because the son is 15 and thinks he knows everything... and two because the dad is a convert from the evangelical church so he always talks about the gospel in that way and it bugs the son). We were talking about what we could do to help and it reminded me of a time my dad and I had a fight that was really bad. I don´t remember why we were fighting, nor what happened to make us fight, but I remember that after about an hour of not talking, dad just came into my room and asked me to forgive him. Even just remembering that moment brings tears to my eyes because it showed me that he really loved me, even to the extent of humbling himself and talking to his prideful 18 year old daughter at the time. All I can remember is hugging him and now that I think about it, love is always the answer. LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER. There is a reason that the Bible says God is love. The invitation for everyone this week is to just love the people you have in your life. No one is perfect, we are all trying to be good people, but we always fall short and mess up. Just love. 

Also this morning, I received my flight plans to end my mission. Man, time flies by super fast. Enjoy every moment you have because time flies by in the blink of an eye. I know that this life is a time to have joy and prepare to meet our Heavenly Father and Savior. So  enjoy it! Love ya guys tons.

Hermana McCubbins

These two Hermanas went out together and will come home together. This was taken near the start of their missions.

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