Monday, February 8, 2016

How to Begin the End

Dear Family,

This week was great! We have been working super hard and have TONS of appointments EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I don`t know how, but I think it has something to do with the fact that my companion just works miracles with her faith :) We have a LOT of future investigators that we feel really good about and everyone seems to want to talk to us! I think it is super cool and am blown away everyday when someone wants to let us come to their house, and we have to put the appointment like 3 days after because we are so booked! It is awesome. Also, our three progressing investigators Bernarda, Jorge and Ignacio are doing SO good! They came to church for the third time this week and the branch is taking notice! They actually had a meeting after church and the branch president talked about how we need to take care of them and make sure they have lots of friends! It was so awesome because lately I have been feeling like the branch was a little bit asleep... But I feel like they are slowly waking up and it makes me excited! We are trying to make sure we have a member in every lesson with this family, because member lessons are MIRACLES! And people become a lot more converted when we work closely with the members. Invitation for the week, if you see the missionaries, make them take you to one of their lessons with investigators! Sometimes they just don`t know which of the members have time or are willing to go with them to investigator`s houses, so reach out to them! 

Anyway, I hope you all have an AMAZING WEEK. Enjoy every moment you have to live. And remember only the good moments, the happy ones. Learn from the hard ones, and move on. ;D Les quiero mucho!

Hermana McCubbins

P.S. My favorite watch, that I have been using all my mission is breaking! But I fixed it with staples ;D I will send pics next week!

This is Jessica's response to how blonde her hair is and "Tell us about your new companion/greenie."
MY HAIR IS SUPER BLONDE!! I usually end up putting it in a ponytail, because also, it is VERY LONG!! We will have to cut it when I get back though, because I don`t trust Chilean barbers. :) It is calling a lot of attention and my companion told me would should dye it. :) She is 20, about normal age for a new missionary. It is interesting training, because I always have to be checking both me and her, to make sure we are being obedient, and focused on the work. She is super awesome, really converted and willing to do anything I tell her, like contact weird people in the street :)

One of our members came with us to visit three future investigators, and ALL of our citas fell!!
It was sad, but we had fun taking pictures of her as a missionary. Hermana Nilsa :)

This is the famous Piedra de Mono. I didn`t know it was famous until we found it and an elder told us...
Cool! It looks like a monkey!!

No word on if this particular arachnid is still with us. Needless to say, he is very large.

Is it a stick or a bug? The jury is still out.

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