Monday, February 22, 2016

Killed Miracles

Dear Family,

So this week I learned how awesome Heavenly Father is in giving us miracles, and how quickly Satan tries to kill our faith by throwing a curve ball that looks like it is going to kill the miracle. Out of all the miracles we saw this week, I am going to share one, but ask me about the other ones later because they are awesome too.

So, this week we went on divisions and Hna. Garcia directed the sector for the first time!! (One of the miracles was that they didn`t get lost in the 17 poblaciones that we have ;D). And as she was working with Hna. Bingham, they found one of our future investigators that works alot so we haven`t seen him since Hna. Garcia´s first week here. They started talking with him and he had actually been trying not to cry. He has passed through a LOT of hard things in his life, one being that his wife divorced him and took EVERYTHING, including his two kids who he cant see because of some other complications. They shared with him the fact that Christ can help him and took out another time to go see him. But... what cute little Hna. Garcia forgot was that we don`t have his address!!!!! And that day when I came back and we had the cita with him, HE WASN`T ANSWERING HIS PHONE!! Poor Hna. Garcia felt so bad!! But I had the feeling that if we just started contacting and searching, we would find him (that was all the Spirit because I was ready to just leave...). So we went to where we first saw him and started looking. After about a half hour, we were done. I, trying to be a supportive and animated trainer, just turned to Hna. Garcia and said that God can turn messes into miracles. Then I looked behind us, and guess what... HE WAS THERE!!! God had placed in the right place at the exact right time!! It was AMAZING!! We found out where he lives, which was that street, and went to see him yesterday. He is reading the book of mormon and progressing and God works miracles, I know it. 

Believe in miracles, they are real!! I love you guys! Look for a miracle this week!

Hermana McCubbins

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