Monday, February 15, 2016

Tough Times

Dear Family, 

This week was HAAAARD. You know when you have those weeks where you feel like you are working hard, but things just keep getting worse and worse until you explode?? Well, sometimes that happens in the mission. And it is super hard because in the mission we strive to be exactly obedient, stay focuse 100%, and seek to serve the best we can, and it NEVER feels like it is enough. Hna. Garcia and I had one of those weeks. Every single day our appointments fell and now our 4 investigators that have baptismal dates have DISAPPEARED!!!! It is incredible how much opposition we have. However, this week is a new week! All we gotta do is work hard and the miracles will come. Hermana Garcia is SO amazing. She is a better missionary than I am :) And speaks Spanish a LOT better too. The Spirit is SO strong when I hear her speak. It is SO awesome. I LOVE being her companion. And she has been helping me stay sane this whole week. :) Who is training who?? I have no idea honestly.

This week we did see two little miracles. We found 3 less actives that are SUPER receptive. They aren´t willing to come back to church just yet, but at least they are willing to let us come and teach them! It is so sad because 2 of them who are 20 year old boys, who should be on the mission helping families become eternal!! But because of some things that happened in the branch, they both fell inactive. But we are going to help them!! Homework for the week: If you find a son of God falling a little inactive, or not too excited about the gospel, BE HIS FRIEND!! We need men of God who can build up the kingdom of God! There is a hymn that talks about that, but I can´t remember what it is called in English. Satan does not want worthy priestholders passing the sacrament, nor serving missions, nor blessing their wives and daughters in the home. Strength a future dad, PLEASE!! :) 

I love you guys SO much! Keep the faith strong! 

Hermana McCubbins

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