Monday, February 1, 2016

Patience, More than just Waiting

Dear Family,

Wow this week was amazing!! First, we had changes and now Hna. Garcia is my companion! She is from Colombia and has an accent like screams, Spanish is the language of love. ;D That is the best I can describe it :) She is a super hard worker and reminds me a lot of Hna. Ribeiro because she loves all the people and is super sweet. The only difficulty we had was that she doesn`t really know how to ride a bike!! ;D It was so awesome because we spent about a half hour practicing and she was SO scared! But after a lot of practice, and a lot of scared dogs, so is riding straight and clear and smooth!! She is a little timid, but we are working hard to kick that out of her, to be bold and courageous in inviting others to come unto Christ! She is an amazing missionary!

This week our three investigators with baptismal dates came to church! Their names are Bernarda, Jorge and Ignacio. It is so amazing because without us telling her to, Hna. Bernarda has started creating a habit of reading the Book of Mormon every morning and praying and she takes notes as she reads because she has a hard time understanding (a car hit her a couple of years ago and after a lot of time recuperating, she has never been the same). Ignacio always reads the chapter the day we give it to him and Jorge read the BoM on the way to work. They are amazing! They are going to get baptized the 13th of Feb.! We are praying for a miracle that they feel ready, because they still aren`t sure.

Anyway, love you guys lots. Have an amazing week. Love EVERYONE you come into contact with. God put them in your path for a reason. 

Hermana McCubbins

This is my new companion from Colombia! She is awesome and I LOVE her accent. We are working super hard and having lots of fun too.

This is what happens when we don`t shave in the mission.

Lots of love from Hna. Ribeiro.

My companion said I looked Chilena with this hat... So we took a picture.

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